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The numbers publish there were greater numbers and smaller numbers of nine one one calls bringing police to his home because the boy is a problem social services in the county in the state of florida notified of this guy being a problem showed up on his doorstep social services than during the school knew that he was a problem the school expelled him the school knew that now he was a threat and then when he showed up at school to kill highschool students the county sheriff's deputy assigned to the school to provide protection then failed to do what he was there to do now i i think that probably constitutes a failure on every level of government to protect the young people that tool that were murdered that day and the coach that was buried yesterday and and so on so the government and then and then that that the democrats come at you and they say well you don't need to have guns the government will protect you right after we have this incident in the immediate aftermath of this incident there are still funerals and the democrats you're saying well the government will protection you don't need to worry about protecting yourself no we don't want guns in schools because you know we want schools to be safe spaces and we make them safe spaces by making them gun free now let me just throw a couple of other things that year real quick cnn let's take cnn headquarters in new york at time warner the big building in the central park west columbus circle time warner's center is not a gun zone time warner center and cnn center cnn headquarters in new york they're a bunch of men and probably women with guns you know why just in case of bad guy with a gun shows up you know what they do at cnn they hire retired law enforcement you know what they do at cnn in washington they hire retired law enforcement or offduty law enforcement who are still active law enforcement two men the lobby door the the the security desk where you checkin there are armed men good guys with guns at cnn center new york at cnn center in atlanta at cnn's bureau and washing ten at abc news in washington they hire retired law enforcement to bring their guns to the abc news headquarters in washington dc and staff the lobby in.

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