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Really funny two singles it's fine no country music is good i promise but yeah anyway ashley mcbride back to i was very struck by a couple of things on this album one although i was not conscious of it in the moment of listening to it i realized after interviewing her and talking about it there is no tune on this record most mainstream country has tremendous amount of it even some of the singers we think are good singers still use it in in sparing fashion no auto on this record it reminded me a lot of i almost felt like it could have come out on like rounder or new west you know it's sort of if felt it didn't feel i mean all countries not a real thing but it didn't feel like it was coming from the mainstream major label country world but that may actually have a lot to say about the mainstream major label country world actually being pretty all over the place right now and the central ideas that have kind of animated the john jonrowe at various points over the last five ten years all having kind of clapsed like you don't really see the bros anymore the bras gateway till the gentlemen the gentlemen are kind of losing their their enter and then there i always do before i come on this as you should podcast every thirty shutout the top thirty songs on the hot country songs chart right now are all by men in there all by like the means it's like there's a chris stapleton song and a loop comb song and everything else is like the same old dudes so a lot of lettuce yes a lot of lettuce and the top song is that bb wreksa florida georgia line saw still yeah anyway ashley mcbride but he's this your king is this your clean bb wreksa not my queen i don't know why you're looking at me b rex for be staten island and having a number one song shall be your exit for being a tremendous red carpet presence and he lives in interviewed in any kind of like celebrity like dippy celebrity context beer axa she's a pro yeah like maybe i should like a metro.

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