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All right. I want to make this really clear. I don't have a problem with you on Mar because of her because she's a Muslim I don't have a problem with Muslims I have a problem with the Islamists. and I believe she is an Islamist she supports Islamist organizations care Muslim Brotherhood she wants an inner over Israel a miffed get into that are in a second she she supports all the things that I think are really really not good and I don't have a problem with her coming from another country Somalia Somalia was a war torn country was horrible and I do want to be a place of refuge but I want to be a place of refuge for people who want to be here and understand our culture. you know we welcome refugees but you have to be a part of America. now you on Omar has a strange backstory and there is new breaking news today and you're probably hearing about it for the first time on this broadcast it's only been broken on Twitter by Caleb hole and a few others now are starting to pick this up this is something that we have been on for a while and congresswoman Omar I invite you I will never be nasty to you I just want answers to questions I invite you to be on this program I invite you to come on television I invite you to write to us and just answer a few questions because if this is false. America and I and II he should know it we should stop saying these things about you if it's false but the evidence is overwhelming and luckily you were incredibly helpful by aligning all what fifteen questions on Twitter and you tag in them so she would know where they are she could easily go back and find a mentor feed answer each one she can do it publicly on Twitter she writes that some and I enjoyed doing it and I'm going to add to that today and I'm going to re tweet all of these today so it's easy for her first and foremost I said that she was you know going to destroy America somehow or some way we in a in a out of context media matters post she was very upset that I was lying about her and that I had said she's trying to destroy America. so I guess the first question is how are we lying please clear these things up I'm I'm gonna give you set a set of questions here including the new tweaks that came out was discovered that you made in twenty thirteen. that seems like I mean smoking gun kind of proof that yep you married your brother. so please respond to provide any information. first destroy America you're saying that I'm lying I'd like to know how I am lying. now the destroy America line like all media matter clips was taken out of context but how exactly would you describe behavior like embarking on a trip to Israel sponsored by Mister. miffed us are anti Semites they published an American neo **** a treatise called who rules America the alien grip on our news and entertainment media must be broken this is one of the most vile almost Hitler ask kind of things I've ever read it makes me uncomfortable even read the words out loud. but that's who sponsored your trip to Israel miffed also published blood libel claiming Jews use the blood of Christians in the Jewish Passover. really this is who you find credible. they also celebrated a terrorist to that killed thirty eight Israelis including thirteen children. I provide links for you but I know you know this but I'll provide all the links for you so you can see all of these stories and all the things that they are holding up that's helpful she'd have to search for them thanks a lot of time she's a congresswoman missed also celebrated a female suicide bomber name wafa calling her the beginning of a string of Palestinian women dedicated to sacrificing their lives for the cause. now does dealing with groups as vile is miffed demonstrate the love for America and our values that you claim to uphold. a **** mood is something that you tweeted about and I would just like to know is if you represent American values can you help me out with the tweet where you said the United States must support **** mood. it is a it's a telecom company in some all you in and you say it does great great things. however her mood has been identified by the United Nations not exactly a right wing organization as a financier and supporter of the terror group al Shabab which is al Qaeda in Somalia. this is well documented are you working on the right side or are you knowingly engaging with all of these groups that happened to be aligned with terrorist and against the. I was gonna say against the United States but really against all mankind and freedom. is becoming a United States elected official to promote you and identified supporters of al Qaeda. is that becoming of a of an elected official here in the United States. also the allegation has been married they've been made that you married your brother now this one Ilan is the easiest to disprove. but please do so. now I know this is complex because if you indeed did marry your brother there is going to be a problem on fraud there's also going to be an immigration fraud because your not and Mar. and we understand and I'm now you give you sympathy for being in a being in a camp a U. N. refugee camp and having the opportunity to come here to the United States of America. and you come under a false name with another family this is this is well documented that this is happening all over Somalia it's why we had to stop so many people coming in from Somalia because. a lot a good portion of people coming in are not who they say they were. now. this allegation should be really easy to disprove. as if it's a nasty rumor I want to help you squash it I was not a birther I didn't buy into the birth certificate thing. so I want to stand for the truth. but if it's untrue why did you delete all of the social media post that back up the allegation that you married your brother and I'm not saying you married your brother for love you were spiritually married to your first husband in two thousand two and you had two kids and I claim that you love them and even during your second marriage with your brother I contend that you actually loved him and were actually living with your first husband your brother too but I think you were sleeping with your first husband because you had a faith marriage to him then you have a faith divorce in two thousand eight and a month later you had a legal Christian marriage. to your brother L. me. why why the Christian marriage you are clearly a devout Muslim why would you get married legally to a Christian man when you didn't support to the legal marriage thing with your first husband you believe that sharia law is greater than all other laws and so you didn't marry your first husband legally you just had a faith marriage why have a legal marriage and a Christian marriage to your next husband who really strongly appears to be your brother and then why did that happen right before you and your new husband A. K. A. your brother went to college at the same university North Dakota state university and why did you get a divorce I'm sorry why did you get a separation from your brother your second husband right after you both laughed college. easy that's the fraud part that's the part that's hard to figure out soon as you graduate you separate but you don't divorce him. instead as soon as you separate a month or two later you get read faith married. to your first husband and why were you both living in the same house your two kids your first husband you and your second husband for four years I mean I'm a an open minded guy but Gee that seems that seems even wrong to do just to the kids let alone your first husband. there's new evidence that came out today on her Twitter feed I'll give it to you in one minute..

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