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Com. we have a great trip buddy looking forward to it yes Sir Powell also news ninety three point one. K. F. B. care you know earlier we were talking about sea bees in this national C. B. day right all those national taco day it is it is a national holiday too yeah I have my my my boss at work had me building tire display for one day to take a picture because those national taco day did anything for CBS no okay it's hardy to C. B. unless you could direct route. they didn't have it on the end displays no no no yeah well someone was telling me not all of the believe it or not there is someone was telling us that when you say good buddy you know trying to attend for good buddy right claim that good buddy meant gay but back in the day when they were CB lingo and someone else called said when I I know trucker terms I never heard that yeah I was gonna say that sounds odd you have to think of truck driving for the most part during that day then one of our macho professions out there right manly men doing manly things. road for a long long time yeah on one one. hand you might not think that you know they would have to have some sort of lying you know when your car being that it is a manly and masculine profession right but I have a hard time believing that good buddy because everybody is using good but otherwise there's an entire. so population from your hatred who's practicing behavior we know about one one of the great truck drivers songs it wasn't one of my favorite truck driver sons is a lot of like that but one of the most popular probably the most popular would be other than Dave Dudley with her convoy Riley C. W. that's right. who is heading for bear on one oh about a mile out of town Mrs Big Bend this here's the rubber duck in Alabama this.

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