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You're listening to the paul finebaum show podcast we welcome you back one more hour to go it has been a fantastic week and it's been a great show we started off about three hours ago talking to jimbo fisher the new coach of the aggies lots of taught to digest their sherman williams later on about fifteen years in jail former alabama football star but what has been the undercurrent of today show as well as yesterday's ever since the story first broke yesterday morning from mad hayes in the bleacher report and exclusive interview would jalen hurts his father matt has broken so many major stories during his interviewing of athletes and coaches in the last couple of years and it's great absolutely great to welcome mat back to the programmatic like every couple of weeks i'm reading some firestorm about a quote from an interview that you've done good afternoon thanks to to kind i we're doing great so let's set the stage i mean this is certainly a fascinating conversation it's not unusual to hear people talk about jalen hurts and into it is extremely interesting to hear such strong comments from his dad put the put your story and your interview in context force well i think it kinda comes down to three three levels i think first and foremost and and everyone was very clear about this and and he you know jay feels the same way you know jalen opened the doors you know jalen playboy in that game he opened the door for to to get a chance and and avon made that clear over and over and over again you know doing blame someone you blame jalen 'cause got he's the guy that opened the door i think number two adrian's the head coach he's a very successful coaching high school he gets it he's been through the situation before with players certainly not at this level at the level of college football but he understands the idea of if some guy comes in because the other guy played poorly or the other guys injured this is what happens guys get their opportunity they see the moment and this is what happens and i think thirdly avon is also a dad he is a dad who you know is trying to help his son so i think it's there's different levels to look at this thing.

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