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Out of science but for other people may come out of religious beliefs. That if you take a lot of seriously the only person hey destroys his yourself in the end. The peters are you know eating away themselves in that if you take on the notion that instead of trying to destroy others if we all believed it had a rising tide raises all ships if we all tried to embrace each other instead of stab each other in the bag we wouldn't have to deal with haight would have so much of a better world. Ain't that the truth. I remember I'm i remember the for the first year in grad school Karen who is now your wife. But i remember. She was working on the theory of hate around that time. I think she came from germany because she was interested in working on the heat. Work if i remember correctly yes entered dissertation on hate the book on hayden an edited book under eight but i think the add shows this further shows the bankruptcy of her current notion of intelligence that you know as the world has become smarter. It's also we have growing authoritarianism. We have greater you know off. Never seen the country at odds like it is today. I mean this is like getting close to civil wartime and people are using their cues to foment dissension in hatred and unfortunately social media companies have been mostly focused on profit and negative posts. Get spread around more. They're more diffused. And so what's happening. Is that our intelligence. They actually working against us through social media. I mean you know. Very smart people put together to maximize the profits the social media company but it shorts hell isn't helpings civilization as we know it so we have to start getting wise. We have to be more creative and we have to realize the importance of love instead of. Hey i'm in i'm in. I love what you're doing. And i'm so glad that you expanded your research to this realm. It's so important. I have to ask a cheeky question though. Why do so many of your theories have three components to it. Do you three reasons for that. I would say that you know it. It has gotten ridiculous. I mean like not only have three reasons. I have triplets. I mean this is something about you and the number three you choose to have trip was just kind of happened. Actually though that's less true in current times the theory of adaptive intelligence new cambridge university. Press book isn't really about it. If it has elements it as creativity analytical skills practice wisdom in as four but. I think that the important thing isn't the number of but rather what we need to be doing is as i said for guessing on whether it's through of or wisdom or daft of intelligence we need to be focusing on making the world a better place and we're not doing and we had a lot of people in the country today. Seem more. intent on developing aggression grudges. And whether that would regardless of what. You're studying that that doesn't hold up a good future for humanity or for other species to were killing other species so i think that you know adaptation in a broad sense isn't just about changing yourself to fit. The world is also bad changing the world to be a better place It's about shaping. The world were running at a time to shape the world. I mean you know at some point. Global warming will be so out of control that there's nothing we can do and the income disparities at some point when people feel totally ripped off you beginning to get violence against civil war. In at some point you begin to realize that your unwillingness to use your intelligence wisely is is literally is destructive in the sense that sperm counts like half of what they were. Nine thousand seventy You know why is it. Plastics or other Chemicals in the arraignment. But is that smart. And even if you look at this solely in terms of reproductive success were a species that is self destructive can so if we keep thinking of you know when when the pandemic was at its height why we're people worried about. Well how can i take the act. Or this i mean like is that good for. We're worried about him. Where my testing center. This is the wrong way to go. This is just not where you want to be. I'm so glad that he wrote this book. Adaptive intelligence and i really hope people read it. The subtitle is surviving and thriving in times of uncertainty. Boy are we in times of uncertainty so the times to buy the book for sure. I have to end this by thanking you for your huge huge part of the reason why i'm in this field. Perhaps the biggest part of the reason. I was sitting there sophomore year of college reading Cognitive psychology textbook and got to intelligence chapter. I was like who wrote this. I got this is amazing. And i see robert sternberg gayle. My whole dream in life was to work with robert surgery retail and study intelligence. And i just had the thank you so much for what you've done inspire me and my field and i know a lot of other people in the field so much. Thank you grayson. Students who've done better than you have so our honor to have had you as a student into you know the best thing that can happen to you. Is your students do better than you. Just like your kids. You know you want your kids to do better.

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