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Two seasons of Tom Brady at the end of his career where they definitely weren't going to have the offensive firepower in the roster around him to compete for a Super Bowl or most likely would not have four turning the page, resetting, getting Mac Jones in the draft and moving forward as an organization. So and a lot of ways this is not completely like the colts with Peyton Manning transitioning to Andrew Luck, but I do think that it has that sort of feel to it to a degree, right, where the Patriots in the Brady both kind of got what they wanted out of this. Now, in terms of what you said about essentially him hanging it up at the top of his game, I find it really fascinating as well. I thought that he was going to keep going, but I think looking at it from everybody's going to come at this in my opinion from all he wants to spend time with gisele in the family and he doesn't want to put the time into football anymore. I actually thought that it was more about what is happening in Tampa Bay right now than anything to do with his family or his feelings on it or all that type of thing. And my read on the situation is that he looks at the Buccaneers right now and says, okay, well, Byron left which is probably going to be the head coach of the Jaguars next year. So I'm out of OC. I'm going to have to fill The O.C. position. We don't really know who that's going to be. Secondly to that, Chris Godwin is a free agent and is returning on a torn ACL. And then you also have to think about Rob Gronkowski's future. You have to think about all these things that go into can Tampa Bay put together a team to make him competitive next year. And even beyond that. So I think that this was also him reading the writing on the wall in Tampa Bay as well that there was going to be a lot of brain drain a lot of departures, a lot of guys moving on for bigger paydays in the instance like Godwin. And I don't know if they, if he felt like they were heading in a good direction organizationally because in my mind, a lot of people's mind, he won in spite of Bruce Arians last year, right, Bruce Arians was really he carried it wasn't until they started doing things that Tom Brady way instead of the Bruce Arians, whether things really turned around for them last year, you know?.

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