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She's another player that I don't know if she thought that she would get back into this situation because she's had some surgeries in the last couple of years. She's had her long-term battle with endometriosis. And I think she probably questioned whether she would be playing this well again, making it through to the latter stages. But here she is. And it's a fantastic story. She's also now into the top 20 for the very first time in her career. So I'm really pleased for her. I really admire always her grit and determination. She's always quite an entertaining person to watch on the call, even if her opponents perhaps don't appreciate her, yelling all the time, but I think it's always good to see her getting fired up and corneille I think was just a bit too hot and tired to really try and fight back after losing that kind of tighter first set today. Yeah, Danielle Collins is a real character, isn't she? She's very intense on the court and I think that intensity is one of the reasons that she I think does so well, grand slams, I feel like she always quite the opposite I think to Madison keys who I think perhaps is a bit too reliant maybe on a plan a game. I actually think Collins is one of those players who fight her fight to win means that she's going to lead. She's going to leave no stern no stone unturned. She's going to kind of look at any sort of roots she can. To win it to winning a match. She just wants to get it done. And yeah, I think coming through cournet again, another great story for cornet first first ever Grand Slam quarterfinal. It's just kind of I think ran out steam against Daniel Collins who will make her debut into the top 20 next week. I mean, it's been a great, it's been a great tournament, hasn't it Kim for Americans in the ladies in the ladies draw two semifinalists, Jessica bielle, as well get into the quarterfinals, Amanda Anderson over as well with that amazing win over Naomi Osaka. But yeah, Danielle Collins really kind of leading the way you feel. In terms of, I think, just showing, just showing how to get it done and just kind of move on to the move on to the next round and. You get your tech next who had a bit more of a tussle against kaia kanepi. I think actually it was her longest match in a Grand Slam one minute over the three hour mark. So there's going to be potential questions there, even though Xi on tech may go into the favorite as that is going to be questions there of how of how much does she on tech have left in the tank and against a fit and firing Daniel Collins? That might be that might be closer than perhaps some people are expecting. I mean, Collins has had a few three setters, I think against Clara torson and Elise mertens. But yeah, there's only one day between matches. They're playing literally straight away the next day. But she won't take his sport 21, so you'd think that she should physically be able to recover, but it will be interesting because when she won Ron Gareth 2020, she breathes through that draw, you know, barely dropping games. So if she can potentially win the title here, she's going to have to have done it in a bit of a grittier fashion a couple of three setters and just not having that kind of ease of sort of through the draw. And I think that's what she said that she's been really working on finding solutions on the court when she's in adverse positions and she spoke about she was a setting a breakdown against Canopy. Exactly. And you know, she spoke about working with the sports psychologist when she won ruling garrison obviously she's still working with her to really focus on how to deal with adversity in these matches because she didn't have much adversity when she won her first Grand Slam. So I think that's testament to you, I guess the work that she's been doing. She was able to turn it around today against a very seasoned opponent who could well have that second set was a tie break. It could very well have gone can epi way give or take a few points and most certainly that would have been a very unexpected 70 finalist. And I'm going to admit, I did not watch a lot of this match, but I did see match point over and over because it was an incredible show of defense for English. I actually listened as I recommend if there's one shot one point you want to watch today, it is the match point in the film tech can match and yeah, the defense I think that should be on tech showed was for me was a sign of a player who could I don't think necessarily is a fore conclusion this is going to be ash party title. Because I do think that the defense that should be on tech shows I think is a good foundation, a good platform for her to potentially mount her own challenge. To win her, her second Grand Slam title. It's obviously not necessarily going to be easy and she's got to come through Danielle Collins first, but I think she will have tremendous belief given those adverse positions. She's found herself in grand slams in gansa matches and has come back from. She is now 5 O in three set matches where she's lost the first set on the Grand Slam stage. So I think she's going to have tremendous confidence regardless of what I think Danielle Collins is starring at her if she's a break up. If she's a setup or if she's a sat in a breakup, I don't know, but I think regardless of that she don't take is going to have that confidence that, yeah, she's going to be able to find a find a way to win. But you just know that Daniel Collins is one of those players, he's not going to she's probably not going to let it go that easily. Yeah, I mean, I have to say both of these semifinals, there may not be what we've predicted as is often the case with the ladies, but they are very entertaining matches that I'm going to enjoy watching them even though I do believe that bharti will win fairly comfortably and I think we'll come through in a tougher match..

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