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To the six ways. Right six race. I think another one of our best place today. It's going to be number one Italian. It's gonna be long on the turf and he's coming in from Southern California. Again. Top riding Kyle Fray takes the call, which I think is key, and his last two races kind of point him out here. So this is a starter allowance 50,000. It's a protected spot, so it's a perfect spot for a trainer to bring a horse up from Southern California. Not have any danger of him being claimed or changing owners. And also get some easier competition and a nice purse with a nice win. So I think Italian number one. It's just going to sit back here. It looks like his late pasty years. Just just kind of tower over this group, and we're looking for a big kick from him to come down the stretch there and take this race. Number Seven day cards. I think he's going to be the speed and probably the target for number one and could offer a pretty good value in the exact at 9 to 2, but they cart looks like he's stretching out from Sprint. Has some tactical speed and might prove the target for our top call Italian and then soothing number eight would round out our top three. Okay, moving out of the seventh race. Some metal 11 racecar first post 1 15 kind of more open event when your pic is afforded one shot being candy shopper. Number nine. Yeah, this race. You know, it's wide open. One of the one of the horses in here is making 1/60 start today looking for his first win, but he actually has Numbers that have competed in the in the hunt here, but we're going against them with number nine candy shopper for toe one. Um, he's shipping up here for the first time he got claimed for 40,000 last time down it Delmar for Victor Trujillo, whose very good or very good trainer underrated and Ah does well, so I think they found a good spot here for candy shopper and he's Coming off a big effort there from the main 40. I think he fits for the are straight maiden top level here. The number nine candy shopper in his third start looks really good. And I think that 10 offers a little value as well. The first time starter Ah little Miracle man at 6 to 1 for Ellen Jackson. She was kind of Ah, low profile jockey crystals Herrera, but that's kind of they do that together. They The race, then you're going to get a value because of that, But he's got some really good workout, including a really sharp six furlong workout here on September. Stick That one really coffee. I First time started, little Miracle man Moving on Tio. Good night to the next race. Color me happy? Ah, a favor here in the eighth. The eighth of going to the mile. A half is gonna be a marathon and color Me happy is just sharpens attacking, going for four wins in a row from pleasant into the golden Gate turf to the Golden Gate. Sapyta now back to the Golden Gate Turf again today, but He's going to be a prominent the whole way. He likes to be right on the lead or right, pushing the lead and I think he can get the whole trip here. My behalf. He's our top call. I think you need to look at a couple prices here. The number three lifeline a big grey by happen who just grinds away in his shorter races. But I think the moment has to be right up his alley because he just The way his running style is, he will just keep grinding. And I think the moment has fits in perfectly so eight tow one with with the apprentice, Santos Rivera, and then the far outside speed over a 12. The one I think is in very informed he gives in. One of the best forms of his recent, You know, recent career so speed saver 12 the one on the outside and then the lifeline, But with the big favorite color me happy should should run a good race today as well..

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