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Gold gains from the two that pass to Adam Thielen was perfect in fact I'm not sure what was better the past or the catch in to do it on the road in overtime was insane the very definition of clutch and was redemption not just for cousins which I'll get to in a minute but for feline he spotted the same three points without fumble on the opening possession but he bounced back and was able to bounce back because of a technique he learned in college feeling said quote just wash that play away it's actually something from college or coaches used to make us do flush the bad play we actually had a little mini toilet on the sideline yeah we have to go over and flush it so that's where that came from thank what like remember Miami had the turnover chain and Minnesota state Mankato had the many toilet in that fumble was not the only thing that went down the drain it yesterday because not the cousins would be looking to do it what he could be ramming a nice clothes Sando down everybody's throat right now if you wanted to instead of you like that you can be screaming from the rooftops how you like me now or better yet tell me on my but he's not he's just not because that's not how he rolls that's never been how he rolled he's taking heat for years even earlier this year and he just cap on Rolling hell remember it was only September of this year that he was getting absolutely killed for how he was plying and then he completely turned around both his season and Minnesota's for everybody who ever took a run at him for not winning on the road against good teams in pressure situations hell even the comment from C. one himself earlier in the year the quote you have to be able to hit that hit the deep balls a quote remember that feeling said that about him earlier this year so cousins took all of that on in that one play he saw Patrick Robinson on feel an imac coverage and hit that the ball he probably is never thought a better ball in his career and he did it at the best time possible and they did it again because after Dalvin cook was stopped on two straight runs that ball was in cousins hands on third down from the four yard line facing a zero bless often if you don't mind well it again takes.

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