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You might know my mom. Hillary clinton as a presidential candidate secretary of state. And you senator but one thing you might not know is that she worked hard to change laws and regulations so that we'd have better guidelines around the right dosage of medicine for kids. I was so excited to have the chance to talk with her about this. And her lifelong efforts to include children are public health and policy. Make hi mom. Thank you doing this. Oh i am happy to do this chelsea. I know. I'm your daughter. And i've watched you over a few decades now that you've always been focused on trying to ensure that kids are included are given an equal rights equal dignity and and not forgotten. And so i just want to start with. When did you realize that kids were being left out. Left out of insurance doubt of kind of new drug therapy trials. When did you realize that kids were largely just absent. Well i think. I had some idea about the inequity in healthcare. Going back to my time at the yale child study center and then working for the children's defense fund so i was aware that children were often unable to access or easily. Get or afford the kind of care that i thought they should have. But i didn't really focus on that or immerse myself in what it until i was working. I in arkansas. On behalf of your dad's governorship. We were looking at how to expand health. Care to more people in arkansas. And i realized the paucity appear attrition. And the paucity of obgyn practitioners the total lack of you know midwives in many parts of arkansas particularly eastern arkansas which was predominantly black and in most places quite poor so i moved from knowing that kids and their families had problems accessing and affording care to seeing how the medical system itself wasn't really providing the opportunity even if you had resources in many geographic areas to get health care and i took on the mission of building up and improving the arkansas children's hospital because it was tertiary care facility but it treated everybody and it was able to take care of kids even if they had to be driven or or helicoptered some distance so i was aware of all of that from my advocacy work and my work in arkansas. Then when i began working on healthcare reform in ninety three after bill became president i really saw how disparate the care was just end with one story because it was so indicative and chilling to me. I was in cleveland at the children's hospital. They're doing a listening listening session with parents of kids with preexisting conditions and i was talking to a group of parents and i'll never forget a father saying to me that he said look. I own my own company. I do very well financially. But i cannot ensure my two daughters who have cerebral palsy and can't find insurance at any cost is i'll tell you the last time.

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