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Tomorrow high around ninety we're sitting at seventy two degrees under cloudy skies a news radio twelve hundred W. L. A. I. the number of coronavirus cases continues to climb in their county San Antonio mayor Ron Nirenberg says our cities pretty good shape at least when it comes to available hospital beds we have over two thousand beds available which is more than forty three percent of all staffed hospital beds in their county this is a result of hospitals cancelling elective procedures natural health meanwhile says there are five hundred fifty four confirmed cases of the virus in our county twenty deaths now being reported statewide the numbers have jumped to over ninety three hundred positive cases with one hundred seventy seven deaths well and everyone's getting legally for businesses to reopen but a big barrier is going to be testing those employees so far there's really no tests has been able to tell if someone has previously tested positive and this may be immune well NextEra fee with Texas based proficiency testing services says there are a few tests are coming in from China however they're not that reliable that this was going to tell the population if you've got a new unity to the someone you don't have to really worry about being exposed he predicts that when reliable tests are made available they will be in high demand then that will slow down the process of getting businesses re open to the public this is when it's tough being a tourist rich town city officials say the hotel occupancy tax revenues have declined by tens of millions of dollars they had to make the difficult decision to furlough nearly three hundred employees at the convention center the Alamodome and a couple other different departments minimum staff levels are going to be mailed to maintain they'll keep skeleton crews for maintenance and security of both the convention center and the Alamodome meanwhile Toyota extending suspension of its production at the South Texas plant officials announced they're not going to resume production at least until may fourth the company says the action is to keep the health and safety of its own employees but it's also due to an anticipated decline in market demand meanwhile bear county judge Nelson Wolff thinking health care workers and first responders were on the front lines of the fight against the corona virus here just everyone to support the FE effort he says it's easy China's keep your distance we need to help them back continuing to do what we're doing today stay home work at home be careful about social distances and do all the things that we would that we know we need to do washing hands and not be touching not be touching each other well the country thought we had a killer but now the CDC is making it very clear that there are no approved drugs to treat this virus he just removed all dosage information for Hydroxycut Laura Quinn from its website the drug has been backed by president trump as a possible treatment and some states have been ordering it but the CDC site now says the drug is under investigation in clinical trials for use on corona virus patients meanwhile the FBI taking this outbreak very seriously they arrested one San Antonio man this week for posting a hoax threat about H. E. B. on Facebook special agent Chris combs says they hope this sends a message they're taking this very serious and any jokes are the least bit funny this is a national emergency and we just cannot afford to have anyone question the food supply and if someone tries that I can assure you the F. B. I.'s gonna come this guy a thirty nine year old old enough to know better was upset that people were still filling the grocery stores he faces five years in prison now well the homeless have been hit very hard by this corona virus and it's starting to take its toll we're told to stay home but what if you don't have a home the haven for hope homeless shelter is closed to prevent the spread of the virus so assistant city manager Lori Houston says the city is using two point five million dollars in federal funds to rent out a hotel eight thousand dollars will be used to open a temporary overflow shelter for the homeless they are not a guarantee anything done and today the city is setting up a homeless connection hotline which connects families to resources.

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