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Close to half way fixing up your home interior for exterior thank you more for your home before the warmer months arrive all month long Wegner's home improvement show fixer is prevented by great west bank and brought to you by hello windows and doors with constant custom service hardware help poor living unlimited and Milwaukee lawn sprinkler helpful home improvement tips and tricks every week for the best in the business that's records home improvement showcase presented by great Midwest bank here on W. T. M. J. Hey John we're here here for Griffin Ford in Waukesha it's Ford truck month a concentration of incentives around trucks right now means this is the best time to move in that pick up you've been wanting or needing both right check out the F. one fifty absolutely gorgeous it's not only the inventory selection of new vehicles Griffin Ford in Waukesha is well known for its use car department and most of them come with a limited warranty as well it's Griffin Ford in Waukesha right off the interstate great selection great sales that I bought a Ford explorer and Griffin Ford out there and walk shot not that long ago my name's let my guy Glenn absolutely fantastic check it out they've got master certified technicians on staff they know Ford a leader in the Midwest a new Ford sales Griffin Ford can give you that update on new arrivals like the Mustang Maki the twenty twenty hybrid explore even the new Bronco extended service hours even on Saturday it's Griffin Ford gets Griffin Ford Waukesha there's no better place to be than Griffin Ford honest conversation that's what happens at our office hi this is Cindy storm Fisher with storm Fischer investment group and we specialize in honest conversation no pressure no retainers no spreading of fear uncertainty or doubt just to get your business in a market that so volatile guidance is everything and that's what.

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