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Checking wgn sports over a guaranteed rate field james shields carried a no hitter into the seventh inning but the white sox fell to the twins five three on the south side here's shields on his day i felt really good skinhead hitters pound the strike zone just just get quick outs early in the game so escobar ended the no hitter with a liner to write all five of minnesota's runs came in the seventh or later sox have now lost three straight they're off monday before two game home set against the pirates covering the white sox kevin powell wgn sports comes in saint louis to and that series and that is tonight in about another hour though i pitch let's check wgn traffic out there we've got a couple of accidents ramp restrictions right now northbound i fifty five at the veterans memorial tollway a crash involving a motorcycle on the ramp from northbound i fifty five to northbound i three fifty five so that's causing some delays there there was an earlier accident northbound stevenson i fifty five right before cass avenue there's also an accident blocking the left lane on westbound eisenhower right before sacramento let's check your travel times right now things clear on the edens both directions over and the kennedy still got those delays coming in from the airport a lot of overnight wrote to excuse me weekend road construction not the overnight yet from o'hare thirty four minute trip twenty seven minutes going back out big delays on the eisenhower from three ninety two downtown that's an hour thirty four minutes going back the other way minor delays in and out on the stevenson inbound on the dan ryan and checking on the.

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