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Taken over to you always say that i said i think she understands it's his dad i spend but it's not as mom it's well let's welcome to the world of divorce sky you know kids have to go back and forth between houses come down so can't no because i would rather him spend time with his dad it we the awful if if you know the key grew up and said oh my dad never paid any attention to add that would be really bad think she's a nice person lea she'd looks lives on blue blood's is there a blueblood that they take care of failing guy i think i can tell the actor who played tinky winky on teletubbies is passed away at fifty two simon shelton barnes was the purple talent not their purple wanna win the purse to hand their rent brad maji purse right yeah ever see that guy are you looking at me for the teletubbies now in the era lidl's he won't hours milva biz like barney generation yeah my kid's latch teletubby and my kids did too now what happened you said he would the in city khola he collapsed in the street and they believe he died of hypothermia so i don't know if there was some substance issues there or sampling vermeer ya but he was a trained ballet dancer and choreographer and you know his kids have posted said he was just the sweetest must gentle loving father you could possibly imagine they just like he's got her son name henry room said it was the kind rose gentlemen i news at i used to be embarrassed as a child that he was a dancer but i now i couldn't be more proud these in a better place annoy wouldn't want me to be said zola live my life the way he would want me to the kids said and his daughter posted all of these incredible pictures of him and dino just talked about what a wonderful beautiful person he was he was actress emma robbins they had three kids.

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