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Is clearly an awards position performance, Felicity Jones, but hammer is just happy being the best dad wasn't in cinema history in this. I like give me pep talk. I know what you think of in this. Okay. Right. So. We fade against Martin Ginsburg have like one of them is kind of very mounting stories. I think they absolutely joys a couple of me they met call edge. And he was like smitten with her thought she was just the best. And and this film is very much like like that. You know, it's just this guy. He's just like God damn lucky as man in the world. I really found that very charming. But yeah, it's kind of like a mile legal thriller, or am I very much film? And maybe they should have just like picked one because I think there's enough in that kind of romance. That would be an interesting film about very supportive husband who has everything handed on a plate. He I think he went to Harvard as well. And he becomes one of the best tax lawyers in new, and you know, everything just seems to come quite easy for him. Whereas she's just like drowning in sexual discrimination Ninety-seven too. I think that would have been interesting film as well. I'm hammer. I think you know, he he does a good line in licking toll and handsome and slightly vacant. One of the things I do find quite funny about this film in general is so clearly on paper should have been like an awards content and just in realities just you know, who's giving the best performance in. This film is is just in theory. Going for gold as this kind of. What would you say he's Melville historical figure? He's the head of the SEO. SEAL You. you. Ginsburg is petitioning him to add that name that huge of civil rights lobbying named to the case. And he's just tearing apart all scenery around it. He's like chewing, and he and his never me why if you wash documentary it does go into why they call her this. He's just like I like Sergei is across the room. And I was like. Did that seem? What is kind of like a history? Like, oh, yeah. We go way back. How? Great. But he's this really fake looking stuff strutting. Why is no hard just like make it better? Interesting. I like complex he he's bijon her side. But he knows the law, and he knows what's what can work and what work and. Yeah. So he's he's more interesting than most others his threat is what was most most intriguing for me because the time was very much on the side of black Americans civil rights and his question is how is this as important or more important than that fights? Yeah. And just the film doesn't really pick into their. I think it's like a not an argument for another day. Yeah. I think that that is the most kind of relevant to today's society this idea of like picking your battles. And like, what should we be angry about, and I think my favorite scenes in the film, the ones that he does Abe is that house and the kind of coaching Ruth for the trial. And that's one of the kind of real energy is in this film. Like, no seeing him push her and push buttons. And it's just so desperate to be this real life, affirming like you. Go girls like film, and it could have got more meat on. And I think there's this this one really interesting line in the film where I think it's just character. Who says that if you lose this case, you said a precedent for them to basically make sexism like even more law is and that's really fascinating from us perspective. Because actually this is what happened. With a very famous case. I forget the name. I just read about it yesterday that basically confirm Sigara Gatien knows in America in the fifties. And this is exactly where someone tried to go to co two in the same thing like someone that something that was really unfair to black people and we lost. And so therefore set a precedent for every similar case later to say, well, they lost in this case..

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