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Storm to hit the roof beginning to rip off over our heads and i can't imagine what it's like to be in there but thousands of people waiting for the storm to come in because 100 mile per hour winds for several hours this afternoon it's going to be a tough ride for the people here is going to be a harrowing afternoon david thanks very much why move up the coast now senior meteorologist raw marciano in sarasota they're feeling it already we are all can cakewalk hearing the wings annoying how how i hear is that are all plan primakov hours when the horror of get here in sarasota we are near the off the entire west coast of florida susceptible because they have guys the rate or higher has it when a quarter or charlotte maple we talk about tablet just a stone's throw from here that varies a sackable from all of this water that yes has some barrier islands but they are well documented they will be inundated with water storm surge model saying that the water heater won't get off an overdose area potentially opera never my head in a camera already it is watering kelly i can see obscured by some of that rainfall that has now all windblown and wind driven that's not we ocean my friend that is upgrade beyond that of the gulf of mexico and all that water is going to push up in this area not to mention this rainfall now starting to come down these areas ran on just acceptable summer thunderstorm tablet vein who held role canals county especially in sarasota qouted here too so are talking about a double whammy treble every actually core corridors wins get here later on tonight in georgia that attractive protests right over here come on top of all pranked make it makes it even more pride together hard to believe you are still hours away from the worst tampa bay as rob say expected to get had very hard that is especially vulnerable city tj homes is there and tj you've got a lot of lowlying land there and the usaid especially vulnerable that's the issue here look like like drop was you're saying a good hard rain and they give flooding this the floodprone area but now you're talking about storm surge and the the issue here for folks.

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