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Way Go on Memorial Day. Thank you, everybody for tuning and Happy Memorial Day. I was going to read something from all quiet on the Western front. And because I thought it's a new if you read that book, you read that book. Sure anybody. Wow, I have not Yeah. Oh, my God! World War one, and I thought I had to read just a chapter. Just a paragraph. I was going to read it on the air. I thought that's not therapy. If somebody's driving in the car, and it's, um it was so it's so, um, graphic the war scenes in that book, I thought that's unfair. So I found something else. That Jacob some point would have thoughts from a veteran from World War two. Yeah, I think we lose track of what this day is about. So that's ah. Later, But the story is this. We're just dumping this out. This is all the stuff we tried to do last week couldn't get to it. So this is we're just like the it's leftovers from the refrigerator. The Esquire magazine talking about every specific 19 nineties airports that apparently all the celebrities love you get the super duper fancy pours the 2020 21, But there's one particular Porsche that says I've made it. I don't need to get the really brand new one. This is the one that is ultimately the coolest because other people have it as well. That's right. They say it is shorthand for real taste in old cars. And if you happen to have one, you're in good company because Kendall Jenner, Quiano Reeves, David Beckham, Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen Antonio, but Derris they all drive the 993. Is that? What was that? What you call it? The 993 the 9 93 99993. Okay? Yes. And you could get one for about 60,000. Yes. And this is I have one of these. And I didn't even know that this had become popular on die. I don't care about it. I mean, it's a fine car, but I drive it all the time. I have an entire glove compartment full of people writing me notes quickly on pieces of paper. If you want to sell this car in the most insulting what I have is Please sell me this car. You obviously don't care about it as much as you should. It's filthy and it is. It's filthy on the inside. It's filthy on the outside, and the man was so the affront because then the guy came out of that country club over in Renton. Guy. Kevin, Is that your car? I said, Yeah, as I'm getting introduced you. Do you know what that is? And I go. Yeah, my car and he goes. Yeah, but you should really take better care of it. You drive it every day. I said Yes, I have to get somewhere. He's like, Yeah, you just should. You shouldn't do that. You really shouldn't. Well, it is. It does have a lot of mystique, According to this article It also says I'm not just a pretty face. I'm interesting. That's what that's that's what it's saying. So you want to keep that pretty face pretty Yeah, And it does say that you could go out and get the other one. But because certain people drive this one that therefore this thing's got more status. The guy that was upset with me just to just to make it even worse for him. I grinded. The gears are around the gears as I was driving out. Don't be mean to it. Not to it. It knew it knows me. It has never never abandoned me. It has never broken down on me. I did it for that guy. I said here we go. Little push. I don't have a name for it. See, that's how little I care about is like, here we go. We're gonna grind the gears. Just let this guy now that he's messing with somebody who doesn't have any puts no value and material things. Well, Chiana Reeves named his the sled but stolen Okay? Yeah. Alright. What year is yours? Mine is an 88. So I know it's nineties. The popular ones but it from the 993 the 9 11 993 from 88 all the way up to, uh 2 93. Those are the ones I'll send you a picture of a sharing during the.

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