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Seven seven delhi winning seven seventy oh c d a l i don't get the fall was on twitter enter diane on facebook that after delhi show so hiv patients in california who expose others to the disease these will no longer face felony charges now this is definitely then very controversial as i believe we are looking at a case right now of a hairdresser who snipped off the end of his condom and purposefully gave the hiv two of their other other let's say partners and so we you know it the existing law as much in california makes it as celani punishable by imprisonment according to chapter five thirty seven of senate votes to thirty nine they say is mason a felony punishable by imprisonment for three five or eight years in state prison to smells another person to the human immunodeficiency virus hiv by engaging in unprotected center to be when the infected person knows at the time of the unprotected sex that he or she is infected with hiv and if they have not disclosed his or her hiv positive status air act so a specific intent to affect the other person with hiv existing law makes it a felony punishable by imprisonment for two four six years for any person to donate blood tissue or under specified circumstances even or breast milk if the prisoners he is he has acquired immunodeficiency syndrome aids or that here's she has tested reactive to hiv does the existing law provides that a person who is afflicted with the contagious and fictious or communicable disease who willfully wilfully exposes himself or herself to the person or any person a widely supposed under the person afflicted with it ceases someone else is guilty now of although misdemeanor oh the existing law of another communicable disease would be amiss to be there so what they're now doing california governor jerry brown has signed a law that will lower that penalty of exposing a partner to hiv from a felony told misdemeanor it also includes also donate blood without reform the center of their hiv status so centre scott weaser.

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