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In the real world we are ready to biggest mutual phase wilkins within the co founder of the vegetarian butcher niko kovac amendment believes this contradiction in terms of what's the appetizers have boosted vegetarians and carnivores the concept walsh to sheriff meat lovers she was a great like roller with gordon be distinguished from real meat we saw that's this oxymoron could be itchy enough to make people think whilst in it for me the ambition is always to have the product as gold s liu real meat products if is good enough to full of meat eater than is good enough untiring predictions by 2050 there won't be enough food to feed the world swelling population farmanimals consume eight percent of the world's water supply to and they produce around fifteen percent of unnatural greenhouse gas emissions it could lead to environmental problems in the future meet this not sustainable it's not good for our health nobody likes the way we treat animals effect reforms and the only reason this the taste be plot hooked on taste of meat yes of course of action is the vegetarian butcher a ninth generation farmer who turned veggie after storing pig carcasses during the swine flu crisis he struggled to find meets replacements he likes and so create his own there are no principle meet you tours in the sense that they want animals to die for route two men who say if you are real men you must eat meat mike tyson is a champion fighter and he's vegan too so i said to them genital mike tyson.

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