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Uh and that's one thing that's very vulnerable eagles when you get caught up like that that's scary i mean that's one thing about them that i'd be very worried about is how badly they got caught up in that gave the others last week by you like you i really caught the ball and i mean with second level receivers really cut them off badly last week and we're taking a quick break right back in the second with over nineteen thousand state farm agents nationwide you can get an agent tickets you as well as chris paul and jeans hard and get each other which is the focus than the wringers first nba relationship goals video who would've thought gene cernan and chris paul the us and teammates i was little skeptical they third grade they're like being in yang they've even figured out how they always have one of them on the floor at all times and it's been devastating so far be sure to check out the video we did about them on the ringer dot com the wringers youtube channel youtubecomignbeyond ringer subscribe now the wringers facebook or twitter and remember like teammates on the court a relationship with the state farm agent set you up for success off the court go do state farm dot com to get an agent that gets you like chris paul and james harden get each other all right we're back m one one more thing and the giants and i think this is interesting just to remember for next season especially with whatever coach to hire is it's just not hard to flip it around the nfl we see year after year my big pick before the year was the rams as the surprise where they come from team and it really came down the two things are three things actually one is atalanta talent to is that they had an easy easy easy schedule would you get when you're when you suck the year before and third was that the coach wasn't jeff fischer and you know it's basically a bad on at man i hope shamma veil lakewood i'm reading i hope is good but really it was it was that he wasn't jeff fischer and with the giants next year you know easy schedule number to pick they have some talent you mentioned they have a good defense and if they get the right coach i don't think it would.

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