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Most of it has just been dumping the ball off. Singletary is a couple of catches Lee Smith as one. He had the touchdown, a two yards to Dawson Knox. Zach Moss has one and then gave Davis gets one from Beasley. So when Josh challenged by the quarterback, it's really been trying to dump the ball off and beat the what the charges are doing up front and rushing him and trying running plays. They run the ball a little bit more than they have in the past. They they have 10 carries right now. Singletary's four carries 29 yards, But 21 of those came on the drop way. So the bills now have the football as they lead it by a score of 14 to 6. As the charges had to punt after that incompletion that talked about from Herbert, So the bills are in a situation now where they are going to have to. They have the ball on their own 17 yard line and a second and seven with 6 52 left to go here second quarter. All right. Thank you, Paul. It's a three point game in Cincinnati under two minutes left in the first half. Let's check in with Jason Erhard. Here. It's two minute warning here in Cincinnati, the Bangles actually taken the lead on a 44 yard field goal by Randy Bullet. This was set up by a turnover by Evan Ingram. He had a reception down around the 15 yard line. Angle Safety Bond bill knocked the ball loose, picked it up himself, ran it back 30 yards that's playing the game right now that in the 103 yard kickoff return that the Bangles got for Brandon Wilson, Brandon Allen, Not bad, so far rips and his debut with the Bangles seven of 10 53 Arts, keeping him in the ball game again. Two minute warning Here in Cincinnati is the bangle stand the giant seven All right, Giants going for their fourth in a third straight win at three and seven with playoff aspirations. The F C South lead on the line, and it has been a great first half so far. So a lot of time left. Let's check in with Andrew Smith is the tie has been snapped. 5 14 to go in the opening half of play. The Titans have retaken the lead 21 to 14 over the Colts, and it's been a game where Tennessee has scored an Indianapolis has answered. The Titans have scored touchdowns on three of their four drives. Colts two of their three drives. They're currently facing 36 from their own 44 yard line. And a big reason why the Titans have this lead is Derrick Henry 81 yards on 12 carries and the most recent yard. Put to the Titans up 21 to 14 capping and eight place 65 yard, Dr Henry with his second touchdown of the day, his 11th of the season. That drive was fueled by two key defense of penalties on the Colts. Rock, Yacine Wanna Pass interference? That's That up the attainment of the 25 yard line, and then on the next play, they hit Corey Davis, who drew that penalty for a 21 yard past, However, it looks like the Colts had to tighten stopped Al quitting. Mohammed had sacked Ryan Tannehill on third down, but another penalty a hands to the face penalty in Iraq. Yes, scene gave the Titans first down on the one yard line, and Derrick Henry punched it in from there. The Colts have been stopped at midfield. They're about to punt. With 4.5 minutes to go in the second quarter, the Titans leading the Colts 21 to 14, and they're very hot offense is getting the ball back at its own 13 yard line. All right, the flags hurting the Colts right now is they trailed by seven Robbie Anderson may have been one of the best free agent signings and certainly bargains. Of the season and he has made it impact today. Let's check in with Erik Nelson in Minnesota. Yeah, you're exactly right. Rich. He gets his second touchdown catch of the season ran a crossing route. It was 39 11 for Carolina, and he was wide open points from the left to the right. Teddy Bridgewater hit him in stride. It's easily Teddy's festival of the day and Robbie Anderson went untouched. Where do you want yards into the end zone? The Panthers get the extra point and we have a tie game with 1 52 to go here in Minneapolis. It's 77 that drive for Carolina 11 Place 81 yards. Chewed up five minutes and 33 seconds of clock time, and you have to give kudos as well that the Panthers defense remember they pitched a shutout last week gets Detroit in Charlotte. They They've only given up one score, and that was on the Vikings opening possession, Kirk cousins throwing a laser beam to Justin Jefferson from 12 yards out since then, the Panthers defense Have kept Minnesota and check couple Petey missing key guys. We talked about that throughout the course of the day Christian McCaffrey for the Panthers. Adam feeling for the Vikings? Carolina, one of the story lines here in the first half. Cashing Minnesota on the ground. The Panthers have run for 76 yards as a team led by Mike Davis. He's got 31. Meanwhile, Minnesota just 34 rushing yards. So for that answer is defense is the table. He keep Dalvin Cook and shirt 23 yards rushing for Galvin, three catches and 14 years. So once again tie ballgame 1 52 to go in the second. Airliner kicking off the Minnesota here in Minneapolis. All right, thank you very much. Erik Nelson in Minneapolis. Let's have the Brian Scheibel in Jacksonville, where a big players put the Jaguars in front, Brian Jags have stormed the head and this one Mike Lennon finds Colin Johnson seldom use rookie forces action today with TJ Char Kout as well as Chris Congo, but just electrifying 46 yard deep all down the left side gets hit right Go line flips over the Hangs on to give the Jags believe in this one so far, Johnson to catches 59 yards, and there's really shined today in the in this absolutely and afforded, you know, beauty and really, just like you said. The injuries that have that Not any time available to play killing Cole. We expected to hear a little bit more time today. For the most part, London's looking his way, but it seems like the only passes that is miss at this point have been. The ones have been headed towards call Glenn another day seven of 11. One hour three. You know, the Browns in their last drive, really missed a big opportunity got down to the Jags five yard line on Baker Mayfield had a wide open Shot Higgins cutting across the middle. No pressure on Baker nobody within five yards and more of Higgins and just threw it too high, then stumble the next couple of couple of downs and found themselves settling for 23. Hours time. Put him up. 10 to 6. But on the jacket was that storm ahead The lead 13 tens will have a two minute warning jacks are browns are drama and down to the Jags 35 yard line as we stand right now, with 1 55 to go from here, down by three All right. Thank you very much. Brian Scheibel in Jacksonville. And right now we have a couple of games coming down the stretch of the first half the Giants and Bangles under 30 seconds left in Cincinnati. The Giants facing a third and five at the Bangles, 31, so they don't convert here and don't pick anything up. Is a 48 yard attempt for Gram. You know who's back off the covert 19 list and Will attempt at the very least to tie things up before the end of the half. Still, 3 42 left an Indianapolis the Titans, though, that the Colts 47 with a 21 14 lead. Dolphins have a 10 point lead over the Jets 13 3 cardinals in front of the Patriots, 10 7. The Panthers and Vikings remain tied at seven while the Falcons with the ball under six minutes left in the first half. The Falcons with a 63 lead. Over the Raiders and the bills in front of the charges. 14 6 High on football will return on CBS Sports Radio. Struggled with symptoms like frequent gas and stomach pain. For.

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