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A now. It's back toward delectable debate between team french fry. Hello and team ice cream. It's time for our debaters to take the stage in our second round the micro round. Today's micro around challenges called international holiday tommy and brittany both invented in international holiday devoted to their side. They're going to tell us all about their special day. Tommy went i last time. So britney europe. Let's hear all about this new holiday for french. Fries icy to raise awareness for a holiday known as fete disil- tuber sizzle tuber falls on the rightist friday of each october the metric for which is determined annually by the international ministry a french fries yearly association movement society. I am o f f. Why i'm off yams. Why tober because french fries are chris. Like it's air brown like its leaves. Adding courage mischief like halloween uncivil tuber day. We don't just eat french fries. We also wear them in intricately woven crown in ohio. People dressed the crowns and catch up in ghana with peanut sauce and in transylvania with blood which is actually just water dealt and beat us. It's a highly plan based society. Despite popular perception there are also tuber day contests as well each year in osaka. Japan residents compete to make the crispy est. Fry the judges test. The fries crispiness by using them to flatten origami folds. We've an elderly sheep's wool and sharpen a knife in nineteen ninety-six local resident. Mr tanaka's shaved off his left eyebrow with his own fry and he remains the festival. Champion since sizzle. Tuber day ends upon the strike of midnight when observers far and wide remove their french fry basket hats and lie them ever so gingerly. Not to wake the nbc's long story into a compost bin. The fries then melt and mold into the compost slop in preparation for next year's sizzle. Tuber day i.

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