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That's of wow, that's incredible I liked it so much for so many reasons that really made me happy weird, because I have to speak whatever my active racing die, first alert figured out who don knotts was was because of the movie serial. Mom, the John Waters Film there at a swap meet, and the guy buys a painting of Don. KNOTTS and goes don fucking nuts, and it's like a throwaway line and walks so I was like what the fuck was that. He's an icon Jamie it's been a pleasure having your people find you and follow you You can find me on twitter at Jamie to help instagram at Jamie Christ superstar. I think I'm just GonNa give a digital shoutout to Chess Buddha judges new memoir title. It's the Goo it's I don't know what I mean. I don't I. Don't have a strong opinion on Chazan Buddha judge, but the name of his memoir is i. have something to tell you. It made me laugh. A lot of I think what a direct name for a book where you're inevitably to tell him once. And he looked so happy on the T. there, my friend, my friend George Severity Georgia veras tweeted the covers me texting. Everyone that this is the new secret. Consume Chiasson, smiling and as i. have something to tell you. Chaz enrages you're. White Supremacists, corporate accuracy okay and book Oh. You think the Buddha judge camp whatever admit that never wait. That's so weird. There's in my mind I'm hoping for a messy t report on Pete. Drag her. I know we'll. We'll see. We'll see, but right now. All we know is that Chazan has something to tell us. We won't know what it is still Sept. subtitle even. A memoir, I give us some inkling like my. He got really got happy their. Theory is what he has to tell. US is probably not much, but but he has something to tell us and he doesn't even promise that it's juicy. It's just something. My my assumption would be that. He's writing that book right now frantically because he has no idea. Six weeks. Just know that it's something we'll get more specific later miles people. Can People find you miles? Find Me. Follow me twitter, Instagram, playstation network miles of grey, also on twitch DOT TV of stream over the weekend, starting to starting to twitch it up. You know I'm lonely out here. Also show for Twenty Day fiance talking about Ninety Day, fiance was Sophie Alexandra. Catherine podcasts smart mouth. We talked about fungal. One of my favorite dishes and she put me onto. Wow, we put each other onto so much knowledge was pure knowledge. I would love to come back if you'll have me. Let's see some tweets that I like first. One is from a Zara Zara hime. It's a quote tweet of complex tweet. This is Billy Irish billy. Billy eyelash quote wrote a whole song in its entirety end quote during Quarantine Zara, quote says Dolly. Parton wrote I will always love you and Joe Lean in the same day. So. Put that on. Another. Mind blowing to me like how like hit song seemed to just like explode out of people's minds, and like a couple minutes like your rights like so wild, yeah? and. Then one more is from actually gang listener at the dock fish Dr Randall Fish. We were talking about how Jamie likes to ride dirty with no license and he posited this tweet as a joke Jamie. Loftus knock knock miles gray. WHO's there? Jamie daisy miles daisy, who Jamie daisy me.

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