Hillary Clinton, Congress, Mitterrand discussed on Monocle 24: Midori House - Tuesday 11 July


Then probably there's nothing in this emails which will cause you to change your mind about him you hate hillary clinton as much as he does you regard her still hate don't you still hate the the the russian threat is national a legacy of downright highs yalta languague what you say to yourself is what if the russians had come to me and said i got some doubt on hillary clinton sure i'd want to know what they got because we didn't want her to be elected so i think they would put themselves into the trump people shoes and say yeah ecorse they went along to a meeting to see what they had that's what politicians do that's what any candy business person would do see what is available on your rivals and if necessary uh you you make use of it to me the interesting thing we'll be at what point if foot tall republicans in congress decide that they can no longer afford to be associated with the trump team so far the answer is relatively few as the mid terms begin to approach that may or may not change changing of course each congress man and woman will be looking very closely at his own constituency and trying to gauge what the views of those otosan meanwhile mitterrand's though quite away a waste also there's a lot of scope for for tales that i i mean i think people will but i think rubbings right and i think people will also judge him as a family man and mean his core supporters they'll say well you know you you saw how he is he you know when ivanka uh took meeting from g twenty.

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