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Brooks music official says nope the should not diocese provide the satisfaction of ownership sense of accomplishment after you listen to an entire album i agree with that plus you don't have to use your phone to listen and there's a bunch of extra artwork in sometimes lyrics and statements when the band with with the cd inserts thus what we just said okay i already you brooks so we've got cult kabiru out coal i know he's listening we love you really great producer engineer m he says yes evolve or lose you're not going to stop cds from dying sea might as well focus our energy on what's next interesting carberry audio says notion died a sound quality is so much better than the smashed mp three with no resolution in the low end or high end in a squashed with no dynamics which is what we talked about yeah can can can the average listener tell i would say no right but apparently uh dis dis uh carberry audio guy can at kitty katty '09 says no the sound quality on cds way better same thing um they don't sound nearly as good on as an mp three uh and then she makes great analogy that you just did about having a book right like having a digital version of a book is greater there's something about flipping through the pages same thing with cds its tangible um uh adam i guess with three as his adam i guess says no there's nothing better than a physical copy of anything rachel matthews i just like having a physical copy of my music owner of adam i guess seal because the formbook he says physical copy of anything nothing better than physical copy of anything's whenever if he will gets a fumble delivered to his house like us job h i do at they drop they do bring a physical copy of the yellow book to my house i don't know why they still do that i don't ever see it how are they making money and it sets out there and get rained on and the my dog eats it up and in their hundreds of yellow everywhere in it's like oh they brought the olympic book again steven taylor is a friend of mine and a professional drummer does draw muslims online stevens drums shed he says they are fantastic frisbee and coasters they work really well.

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