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Maybe you legs Sagacity game hold. John because specimens it's quite cool. Yeah it is. This had some amazing games. I think it's pretty underrated console. A lot of people. Think about the the fm mvp games. That were obviously pretty bad. But i think there will also some pretty cool Traumas probably also on the mega city. Like you know. Probably the game. Flink the misadventures flink amazing pixel out. I think it's probably my favorite's the mega drive. Mega city games Yeah the will of cool games for mega-city also. I read that. The i think people should be careful about something maybe But i put the many of my biggest game on the Like a book. You know sleeps. Transplant phipps right. This is destroying the city. Really because you know what you're you're right because i've got some that i had back in back when cds and cars were thing and you'd have those big books in your car and now when i go back and i find i found some recently. It's like they're stuck in there like the. The plastic is melted to it. Yeah i hadn't thought about this too. Pvc is making some reaction with some saying it's so stupid the conservative product because they know so. Yeah i saw. I saw the must sagacity. You find out was a capacity talk programs and maynas doesn't have any parliament that's what that's why zarate recently a sagacity counties As decals it's a Is not the real our Some kind of child. yes tehran. You mean the mega the this. Yeah yeah that's a pretty good thing. Speaking of mega-cities we ever planned to do an exclusive mega-city game sometime or i many must of the game that you don't really see you you sit there. Fm mvp game in was made like a two thousand five we. I was almost completed. And then the guys who made the footage because he was based on Like a deal on jobs or yeah some kind of guys who are doing boron just series and then the owner of the the copyright of this change his mind that man i game like we haven't made the packaging and there were saying okay. It's not full screen. Is that for screen. It's almost footscray. Ok sickest The memories a vase more. So you gotta make vague complicated game mushin you gotta make preeminence against leeds impossible. Okay okay. there's no no enough memory. Foam is not enough memory to store. The graphics.

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