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In san francisco went down today causing frustration and gridlock from the sunset to the embark a darrow he cbs's jim lynn reports now the transportation agencies trying to figure out what went wrong the sf mta started getting complaints in the nine o'clock hour and it took until about one thirty in the afternoon four workers to go around the city and individually reboot each affected intersections signals spokesman paul rose says about two hundred lights went dark or were flashing red that is one out of every six traffic signals in the city chris over measure would have their concentrated on third street and the embargo d'oro we did receive complaints those signals went down in other parts of the city but they were concentrated on third street and they're barter so far the esef mta knows only that the network controlling those lights had a partial failure it's not clear why rose says it does not appear that hacking or anything malicious was involved in san francisco general lame kcbs two suspects will stand trial on a murder charge for the brutal stabbing and burning death in 2016 of a 21yearold st lee andrew woman who was in alabama really county sheriff's explore the preliminary hearing has ruled the postal worker laura rogers and curtis taylor both 24yearold oakland residents will return to court on march fifth to be arraigned in connection with the death of carlo ramirez ramirez was a volunteer with the sheriff's explore a programme whose participants often go on to become law enforcement officers she was last seen on november second 2016 when she was dropped off by a friend in san leandro her body was found in a creek at arroyo the a ho recreation center in east oh clinton just before noon the next day prosecutors claim taylor in rogers were boyfriend and girlfriend but taylor was upset and rogers was cheating on him by also having relationship with ramirez just ahead on kcbs making golds in oakland worse than tech companies use the screening.

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