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Cat. On this Wednesday. It is June nineteenth coming up at the bottom of this hour. The latest on that shooting from last Friday night in Costco, learning a little bit more. It seems like we're getting just a bit more information every day about what prompted that off-duty LAPD officer to shoot and kill a guy and wounded parents. Former White House communications director hope Hicks has arrived for a closed-door interview with members of the House Judiciary committee. They are all about digging into whether the president obstructed Justice and they're probably going to get zero to nothing from ho picks. Well, we have been following this case out of Seattle that has drawn a lot of attention. And just a couple of months ago came to a second mistrial, MRs for a group of brothers will to two out of three brothers were being tried now or were being tried in connection with a shooting spree at the caves, which we've talked a lot about homelessness up and down the west coast. The caves is of. Of a homeless encampment in downtown Seattle. I mean just right off of one of the freeways. There is a podcast called somebody somewhere. It was created and hosted by former prosecutor, David pain, as well as CNN producer Jody Gottlieb. And they join us now here on the Gary and Shannon show to talk about all the twists and turns of this case that remains still unresolved. Welcome to the show guys. Thanks for making some time for us. Thank you so much. Let's go back to the original case this was January twenty sixteen. Can you tell us about the, the incident who was involved in what exactly happened at night? Yeah, it was a pretty straightforward case. In terms of what happened in the evidence was that six to eight mass gunman stormed this area that you mentioned called the caves, which is up underneath I five are main freeway, and was a was a pretty major homeless, and Kim, lots of tents up there and different people than it captain, in a lot of transient suits. Frankly, moves through that area. Six guys went up there and shot up the encampment of drug dealer named set in a wind up there. They shot everybody. They basically came in and shut the whole thing of three teenage brothers were arrested for the crime, and it happened on the night that the mayor was giving a major speech on homeless, and as you know, you mentioned in your introduction, there is a major problem here in Seattle with how to manage the homeless. So this happened, right? When the political environment was super hot. Mayor with thing we need to increase taxes. We need to increase the property Levy and the shooting happens while he's live on TV. That confluence of events set off, this amazing sequence of city reaction and counter, and moving homeless out of encampments. And it's just a fascinating story as to what happened, not only in the crime itself, and how the police investigated the crime, but in how the city reacted to it. So there is some confusion, whether it was these brothers or other members of high-ranking, I guess you could say criminals of the Samoan community. Yeah. That's right. And so we delve into that, and we go down into the jungle to try to find out exactly what happened. And as you mentioned, the jury has hung twice. So there's a fair amount of evidence in this case that suggests that perhaps the boys were put up to the crime or put up. I'm sorry, put up to confessing to the crime. It's more accurate way to save. Because the police in this case, sent an informant into the jungle to try to get confessions from these brothers and they quote, unquote, confess on videotape. The big open question is, whether they were put up to that confession by the people who actually orchestrated and carried out that crime, what evidence is there to show that they would have been put up to this. So here's, here's an interesting. I'll give you one snippet into that. And there's plenty. When the crime happened. One of the victims identified her shooter as a guy named juice juice is not ever been arrested in this case, the brothers were the three people who were arrested to Rome, James and Joseph top Lucia. And the way we got from juice, being named on the scene as the shooter to those three brothers being arrested wasn't informant came into the police department and said juice didn't do the crime. Instead, you should be looking at my nephews, which were James Drome Joseph. So juices, brother-in-law is the informant. He comes in and tells police don't go look juice. Look at the kids for the crime. Wasn't there? Also. They wire up. Yeah. They just going to add, they wire up these two guys in and they get video that is central to the case as evidence during the trial. What was on the video? Confessing to the to the murder. You know, I am listening to this, and I can't help but think of the net flicks a series about the central park jogger and the central park, five and kids and confessions and, you know, whenever a kid confesses to something, there's always a little bit in my head of was it co. Worst was it was it a natural confession in maybe that's just because of the central park case being brought to light because of that Netflix special, but. Such a suggested environment and especially with with kids. They're young and influenceable. So there was a three day gap between the time of the murders and the time that the police is informant into record the confession. Again, the informant is the brother-in-law of the person who is named as the primary suspect on the scene. So you have all sorts of these family issues going on between these various parties. And you know, it really begs the question as to whether or not these boys were talked into confessing for the murder, and there's evidence that is to do sit in the prosecution zone case about who shot who with which gun, which is inconsistent with the videotaped confessions. Did you have a prior record or they is there any evidence that they were trying to protect him from getting a harsher? And the kids would get. You're gonna have to listen to 'em. Sue. Tease, which by the way, you can download the series that somebody somewhere at apple. Tune in when Spotify, so come along for the ride we've got plenty to say on this found it also on the iheart radio app as well. It's on the podcast. Again, we're talking with David pain and Jodi got lead the podcast host and creators of somebody somewhere. We'll come back with Jodi David, just a moment. Monica Rix, has the latest the school board has approved a resolution to stop randomly searching students with hand held metal detectors or members describe the random searches as disruptive and to humanizing lawn searches will end by July, first of next year, unless there's reasonable suspicion behind a search. The United Nations refugee agency, says record seventy point eight million people have been displaced worldwide because war persecution and other violence, that's an increase of more than two million from last year and trial has been set for at least four people in the case of Malaysia flight seventeen which is blown out of the sky above Ukraine in. Two thousand fourteen all two hundred ninety eight passengers and crew were killed when a missile hit the airliner a woman whose son was killed told the press today trial is set to start next March. We've got to look at the roads for you. Next bluecross.

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