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Deedee ddt three ddt for the end the dt for The bugs weren't in the one that the beaver boys were in. I keep forgetting that their names they've been in a lotta triple triple threat. Like fatal four way matches together. But that's it. yeah no i. I love that but blake definitely has the gp. Don't even hold on. I'm gonna go into the she and just say good brothers. 'cause we all know it's the good brother got he got there. It's it's obvious but fuck you. It's god damn right. It's the good brothers hundred and ten percents. We're coming down to the way even better sex ferguson. Fucking chad to bed. It's those i wish i could do. The tobacco still fucking loved the episode of wwe ride along where they've got the cardboard cutouts of aj and finn in the back. Death triangle dylan bullied me into and honestly there was nothing. How in a match with like twenty teams. Are there no options it was. I was like okay. it's not them. it's not them. it's not them. Bear country would be fun. But it's not them. I don't like bear country reali- there's something like that a match on dark. And i got like like two minutes in. I'm skipping this. Oh wow now i. This one probably won't count but the ding dang big show. Who is coming after us blake because his new terrible merge says no more b s. He did say there will be a massive signing a hall of fame worthy talent for a w this sunday would we like to try and predict to that talent is going to be looking would do you see I will cry openly in the next week. That's be if i get this right. I wanna point. Yeah hold on pop that in cm punk. 'cause i have no idea who it could be like. I'm just although. I will say that peng did tweet out. Maybe a should focus on the guys that they have instead of anybody new already. Also say it's one hundred percent not make me but even then i'm like he could be telling because he's not like jericho where he makes it to. You obvious like he could be truth or it could be li- The other two big names. I've seen on the table. One i think is still signed to. Wwe and it's christian but halley shit christian having. I'd love that or alternately. They are all elite. it's true it's damn true. Kurt angle would be a good one. I saw people throwing around batista but he threw that he that out realty full on like. Hey guys maybe for once when appro wrestler says they're retired they meaning..

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