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Something to watch out for main street banks advanced technology delivers a fast and convenient banking visit M. street bank dot com mainstreet bank bank where you breathe I read a Kessler WTOP traffic partly to mostly cloudy breezy and mild out there on this Wednesday afternoon with highs today in the upper sixties to mid seventies we'll have rain moving into the area late tonight on into tomorrow morning and then writing for the majority of the day tomorrow will be moderate to heavy at times with flooding likely in spots especially low lying areas and poor drainage areas the National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for the entire area starting tonight at midnight and running through tomorrow at ten PM I'm searching for meteorologist Emily draper up to sixty four degrees in Washington temperatures will continue to climb into the seventies this afternoon it's eleven fifty one let's get you caught up on the latest developments on the pandemic new information today coming from DC mayor Muriel Bowser who says she knows residents are worried about paying their rent or mortgage on may first and she says new help is on the way for those who've been hardest hit the mayor it has introduced a new one point five million dollar program to help about four hundred low income households in the district to pay their rent bonds can be use retroactively and will cover at least six months of rent for those households that money is coming from federal home dollars which is usually used for affordable housing projects applications for this assistance will be available on may eleventh and.

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