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No. Guest though, the continent is North America. Okay. No, mexico. Mexico a Mexican oh, no be cruises. Yes. Oh. Yes. But guess what? Bradley. That's a great house. Think of Penelope cruises BFF. Gradulate crews my gosh, she's like the the Princess of Pedro Almodovar. So how I felt with Mexican. I should just be ashamed of myself. Okay. Read the blind item. Here's your blind item. Selma Hayek is having to suffer the shame yet again of her husband impregnating, another woman. Now this happened early on in their career. Her husband is a big fashion to do billionaire, and he got Linda Evangelista pregnant when he were first dating, and if you're to believe the blind item this has happened again, not necessarily not with Linda. Henry Bob home. I don't I don't know. Yes. All right. He's in charge of a bunch of fashion brands, and he's a billionaire snow. He's got a lot of money, and he's very highly. Wow. Just we wouldn't we all lost at the game of life. I know. Right. Where are these guys were these billionaires when we need it? Then where do we need to go? Hang out. You still could have won. You guys are take. I didn't mean to be bad influence on you. All right. Let's do another blind..

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