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Career sixty percent free thirty but he's that's great he's like rick berry compared to lonzo ball but i just you know if you're going to have the ball in your hand how much do you have the ball in your hands with lebron this year that's another curiosity have 'cause you know lebron obviously is ball dominant but if he's trying to take a little wear and tear off his body to be ready for actually next year when they if they add one or two they can go for a title you're going to want rondo to have that ball yet mclovin but can lebron really go off the ball i mean we were saying like houston like could he really play the two guard james harden and chris paul's one guard no if was not gonna not gonna fit there in houston and even here though are you sure lebron's aren't gonna want the ball and this will he will it in crunch time he's gonna want the ball but you have to pay yourself and can you let ron ndo or lonzo ball be the guy who is deciding when you get the ball but i'm guessing in december january it'll probably be like oh they're moving the ball little bit and lebron's not getting the ball as many times and maybe the they they actually and then all of a sudden it gets to be like may and then it's different it's a kind of sounds like you're saying lebron's not gonna play defense and sometimes that knee offense either apparently doesn't play defense at all baronet on but hey rondos is a good defender yes mclovin you said something interesting before the show that they never used have point guards and shooting guards guards you back in the day so maybe it doesn't matter who's the point guard they can just alternate like you know the bulls didn't have a point guard really you don't have positions yeah anymore some teams do but not the warriors not the great teams we you don't need to be like you're shooting guard i go back to the lakers when lakers had jerry west and gail goodrich will both guys averaged over twenty jerry was probably considered the to guard and gail goodrich the point guard but jerry probably average more assists than gail did i'm gail goodrich was a score but you get caught up like when wolf frazier and earl monroe played for the knicks that backward who was the point guard and who was the shooting guard was was was frazier the point like you get into these designations and i think you you go down the rabbit hole where we gotta have our point guard in our shooter and my scottie pippen i think in rick perry rick barrett was probably the first point forward that i remember rick barry great passer and the ball went through him as the three bird later became sort of that point forward scottie pippen was appoint forward so you have these guys who have played this position but you know when you come down to labeling like are you a two or three or are you stretch for and i just want my best guys out there i don't care what your position is it's what you do in that position not how your label i will take a break we'll come back last call for phone calls we'll close up shop funnel twenty minutes coming up next new to podcast one sports net baseball in chill and the.

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