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In to the data show I'm Sergio Sanchez say we're still in Texas and we're still in the U. S. just barely that's ten miles north of the real but I with the Rio Grande from McAllen Texas this is the day initial thank you Dana for calling us today all right stable let's do some headlines and now all of the news you would probably in this time for date as quick for I love all the news related to space exploration space so I just I love this stuff it can you tell I grew up near NASA the Houston Johnson Space Center yeah dear park area southeast act the south is used Hey check this out from India real good news from them and I hope their success with us sometime next week they're supposed to land something on the move they've been orbiting the earth for one of the launch something into space or sending over the moon they should be landing I think it's on yeah it's on the moon's South Pole India latest Lutheran mission has successfully entered the moon's orbit the mission means that India could become the first country to land on the moon's South Pole and I spoke with a reporter friend another NASA nerd earlier this morning he said and they got this little rover as gonna be running all over the place and looking for a for mineral see what type of minerals they can glean from from South Pole I know NASA wants to send a mission up there the man and woman by I think twenty twenty four if I got the number three at twenty forty four and they wish to I think they want to mind the South Pole for some water one was greater water equals fuel when we just like I'm just messing that guy I love that that stuff what did I mention that Brownsville Texas yeah my market RGV real Grande Valley Ilan mosque set up camp over years got a a rocket launch facilities can be lots of stuff in the space out there man I can't wait for the first rocket he he's in the display let's see what else is here Dick's sporting goods and now saying they will stop selling all firearms all guns so after the Florida shooting they decided not to sell what you what they called in a so called assault style rifles they decided to stop some high capacity magazines they raise the eight days on a bed so we're gonna stop selling all firing good luck with that then it's it's America jackets free market you're free to be as stupid as you wish with with your money now we got one of these Dick's sporting goods things here in South Texas I guess I can report to us I've been there once and it was for a restroom break because I couldn't make it to the target down the street at the seriously that's the only reason I went in and I can the king is back Netflix for in South Texas big necklace Netflix is adding an adult animated.

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