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Kyle korver. This is the team right here. Because everyone wants Korver right number twenty seven is Jack twin I mean that guy man. Nineteen points a game thirty one point two points per game in the fifty nine season. And then number twenty eight I have Erin a follow little punch. Little scoring punch off the bench and number twenty nine Paul Silas and size. That's a good team. I honestly, don't Jordan and don't get. I honestly do not know whether you said pulse. Islets gives us some size or you were saying, the nickname for pulse. Silence which for you is size. It's always six seven. He was telling. Disney stuff a player. No locker as a coach, Paul Silas. I'm pretty sure he did. I'm pretty sure as a coach I've heard that story before that Paul Silas. Someone came up on Paul Silas when he was coaching, and he just put them in a locker Cleveland, epi, Jess, please. Let it be true. Just go ahead and Google Paul Silas and locker he shove tyrus Thomas in a locker room. I'm trying to get the details as to whether he stuff too, but an actual locker. Lease. Points fans doesn't stop. The point stands is it not whether it stuffed in the locker just shoved in the locker room. It's still the same sort of pulse. Ira silence rage. Did you really say you could go one for seventeen in the NBA? I said that from three if I was standing in a corner. I think if the ball is thrown out to me, I could make one out of seventeen guarded like they're full out. Just he thinks he can get open one time because you know, they're playing five on four because they're not respecting Chris. Kids sit in the corner and like don't go near him. And he's dude I got the Billy don't do this again doubting me. I think if you took seventeenth straight shots, you could not make a three, oh, I don't agree with that really seventeenth straight threes early. How many times do you have to be embarrassed by the surprise athleticism of Chris Cody before you're humble now that one I would definitely bet just by myself in gym seventeen three pointers. You don't think I could make its further than you think it is. An NBA three is if you had to step on a court and shoot an NBA three any of you listening in the audience. It's further than you think it is. I'm making one of seventeen at Lille. Yeah. Maybe three I'll get myself three. I think I'll make three edits that you need to stop doing this because you already are doing this with the field goal. So where you said that you can make the Cody parkey field goal. I think I could come closer than people think I could no one did it, by the way, I have to Kaga day. I was watching the including go Joe, I was looking at those videos. The the the weather was terrible. Like it was doing that his field goals. They were doing it on ISIS, essentially, I'm not saying I could do that..

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