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Bed doing the Lord's work. Stephen aetna. Good morning. How are you? I'm doing fantastic. How are you? You mentioned Shakey's, and I used to be a part owner of two Shakey's in Indiana was a great chain. It was but we got in one thousand nine hundred seventy five and I must say my poor partners and the managing partner was imagine name on the air. He's now deceased how we Snyder of Muncie, Indiana, a retired Marine Corps Colonel. And my other partners were all retired Marine Corps colonels. I was not I was in the army. So they forced me to do push ups every morning, but I would be delighted to know that at one time, we had music live music seven nights a week. And I was largely because of how who wasn't musician on so many other things, and we tr- we did that for about a year and a half or two years. Now, the yeast thing that you're talking about whoever called you up was absolutely correct. You could walk into those places in you would smell it. And I'll tell you how we. One of the reasons. Huge barrels, and I I don't know waist high that we used to have where we made the dough. You put him the dough you make it and you put into water etcetera etcetera etcetera, and you leave it there overnight it rises to the top of the barrel. And what you do. And this was a great thrill, you take the Lynagh two barrel and you punch the substance, and it becomes now about half of what it was that's smell. That comes out of there is the yeast and just fantastic. Nothing like a face full of pizza. Dough rise fresh pizza dough involved in that from seventy five to eighty and then Howie disbanded from Shakey's when the empire started go right to the dogs. In one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and it became Howie place until they closed it. But shaky Johnson was the guy who started it in California and believe it or not he was called shaky and he kept that nickname because I believe he had cerebral palsy, and he had the shakes, and he didn't mind being called shakey Johnson. That's what everybody called him. And he sold it to the hunt food empire, and quite frankly. Eventually it went to the dogs because the hunts just simply didn't look after their business fantastic. Well, listen, I I've got to cut you short because we got Brennaman and Jones in base charity too. But thanks for the update on Shakey's pizza. Just that smell of the dough rising of the fresh east. Unbelievable. Batman will have science mic on the way after news date, but Brennaman and Jones on baseball is next on seven hundred wwl W direct that count. Saturday, mostly cloudy, only a slight chance of rain during the day and highs in the mid sixties Saturday night, though, scattered rain around and a low of fifty on Sunday rain early in the morning, and then a chance of rain for the rest of the day. Highs in the low sixties from your severe weather station on nine I warning chief meteorologist, Steve Raleigh. News Radio seven hundred wwl w good. Starting your day..

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