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Runs people over. The bills can make is miss. So he's a very unique quarterback in this league. Only one like him. Face against big quarterbacks. Big band. Tougher breakdown. Campus. Mason amazing player. Like it. I like the unique metaphor for one Cam Newton. He's a dinosaur, but it really fast dinosaur and physical and tough and muscular, and then there was a windstorm. But even that could knock over the dinosaur. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. Now this time tomorrow night there won't be a baseball game. Instead, we'll have the start of week eight. And then we'll get you set for the bulk of the football weekend going to be some good stuff. But let's take some more calls here. Eight five five two one two four to seven. Who are the strangest bedfellows in sports? Michael is listening. Where are you listening by go? Hello. I'm actually Virginia driving trucks under the right now. All right. Thanks so much for listening. So who are the strange bedfellows in sports? While I was gonna go with Michael, Jordan. Denis Rodman, but I have to go. Try Aikman and Michael Irving. Yeah. That's a good one. It worked it did work. And then you throw in Zander, so. God. Troy Aikman who's Mr. straight and narrow and then your Mike Larrain or the playmaker. And. Has his issues but three Super Bowl wins. Who cares if it's odd if it works, right? If they both have the same goal, and they're willing to come together to work with somebody who's not like them. Then what does it matter and sometimes those kinds of odd relationships or to people who are put together in a situation that professionally that they would never maybe find themselves in personally, they bring out the best in each other. Oh, yeah. Let me just look at the Yankees in the sovereignties. I will take your word for it. What did you take care? All right. Thanks, michael. Steve is listening at Ohio. Steve welcome to after hours. CBS sports radio. I Amy how you doing? I'm good. Thank you. Good. I got Muhammad Ali in our clothes. Yep. Did cosell. Do his fights did Cosell announced his fights. Yeah. Those little before your time. Sorry. But still just knowing what I know of the two men who both departed the they could they look on the surface, and what appeared to be completely opposite. They were definitely complete. Oh, we lost Steve. But yes, I would say Muhammed Elliott Howard Cosell other than having really big mouths and working in the world of sports. Well today have in common. Let's talk to Tony who's in West Virginia. Tony welcome to after hours. CBS sports radio. Hey, thank you so much. Real quick point is if I may rich and for the ravens as a kind of like a quick point about the same. Sure. Thanks so much. I was at the game. And. Hey sense is really been wearing thin over the last three years. The ravens fan head coach Harbaugh. The number one issue with that with that loss of people are taking is. And again, I was there. Everyone in the stadium is basically screening, you know, call timeout because what happened was when they lined up to kick it extra point. They were rushing at one time out remaining saints Saint overloaded the right? Ending on one side at something just didn't feel right everybody instantly off. Coach all my mouth. But it is what it is. Well, I feel like okay if Justin Tucker felt like he was rushed. And felt like he wasn't ready pro he's his responsibility at the same time. How many other of those two hundred and twenty three consecutive point after attempts. Do you think the situation wasn't quite perfect wind was blowing guys were rushing? Maybe it didn't feel right. I mean, it's it's a gimme it's still a if I could lay up in basketball. It's still something he could do in his sleep probably with his eyes closed. So. Yeah, I mean, I get your saying if it's a long field goal. And if Justin felt like things weren't right or something was going to take away from his kick. He could have. But there's no way he's going to use that as an excuse. No, absolutely not. But I mean, take the time to regroup again agree with you just sessional. So if he thought that he should have. But John Harbaugh it's moments like that that happened. You know, it seems like every three okay? Not Harbaugh's faults that Tucker miss that kick. No, it's not. But you gotta call time telling you from the the the flow of the game and the way everything from you score the touchdown. It was almost as everybody was named. Whoa. Slow slow down slow down. Regroup all time out of it. Didn't happen that way. Yeah. No. It wouldn't think that it would. I mean considering that you'd want to get that point of the board as quickly as possible. So that you could make sure the game was tied and send it into overtime. Right. Right. I mean, that's fair point what with Carolina. I talked about this game. I think the ravens defense of wine will cause issues for Cam Newton and players like Eric Weddell Antoni percent more or end up being a good position to make plays. I the way to to get a victory on the road at know. Maybe scores twenty four to twenty or twenty four to seventeen. All right. Thanks so much. Tony. I appreciate your phone call. Yeah. I feel like this particular game. The ravens defense has played. Well, now early on the eagles looks great. Carson Wentz looked great in that game. I remember going back to two week number six and Thursday night football for the eagles that I felt like it was maybe a turning point for them. Because finally the offense looked so comfortable and Wentz looked like he was in a position to be back in that flow that earned him MVP conversation last year before he got hurt. Into Philly is up seventeen nothing early in the fourth quarter and the Panthers start cooking. And they get those three touchdown drives in a row. Meanwhile, the eagles stumble and Carson said, I'm not really sure what happened. We just took our foot off the gas, and they had a pair of punts. I think one of them was a three and out the other one was maybe a handful yards. They maybe got one first down and then the fumble, which of course, was the the game clincher there. But he looks so comfortable most of the game. So if the Panthers are gonna win sorry if yes Panthers. But I was referring to the ravens. The ravens are going to win this game. They need to get Cam Newton out of his comfort zone. Of course. You want to make life difficult. You wanna make it uncomfortable for him? And you wanna make sure that you don't take your foot off the gas. If you get a position to win. I feel like that kind of a quarter that the Panthers just had in coming back against the eagles can really galvanize a team and can be a springboard for them. So we'll see if they use it moving forward coaches with their bus tight. Not to mention you've obviously got a very competitive NFC south now, it's the same for the AFC north where the ravens are talking about the Panthers. They're trying to keep up with the saints who've won five consecutive games. Of course. One of them was the last one was against the ravens. But the Panthers are a game back at four and two. Meanwhile, in the AFC north with every team losing last week except for the Steelers now, it's Pittsburgh with that tie. That has moved to the top of the north.

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