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Dieting and exercise are are kind of going in that direction where it's like don't even talk to me about my diet. You know, like, how dare you? Well, have you heard you must have had just bakers buddy currency? I think that always sums it up. So Pepe clip. I mean, it does when now sit out so many times probably put shit at completely the Justice idea that we know how much time and money and emotion, and how much we've invested in becoming thin that it's almost like we have a subconscious idea of excel at like an amount of money that we've spent on this. So when someone comes along and is his happy and fat. That's what they thought they were trying to buy. And then it's almost like you're saying to them human is worthless. You know, the Kersey doesn't work. It's a it's a it's all your savings saved up for decades. Has now. No value. Right. So I think it's. I probably rewrote that theory completely. I'm sorry. Just. Yeah. Sounds pretty pretty close to what what she says. An an also. Yeah, it is. I mean, that's it. Right. It's like they people have invested time money energy. They've lost years of their lives. They've lost health in the pursuit of thinness. And all of that like investing that much in something. I don't care what it is. You know, if you think about like investing in some sort of business or like gambling where you're like, I'm going to double down. It's all putting it all on, you know, whatever to win. Yeah. I think that there's such emotion behind that. And you it's hard to dissuade someone when they've really invested that much in something to say like, I'm sorry. But like the whole premise of this is flawed. You know, how dare you? And then there's also the what I find difficult is. And you must have had the same thing. When you tell someone that it's don't work and the size you on now. Probably the size. You you will always be, you know, maybe this is it like an even if even if you are one of the sewer point whatever percent who for some reason, lose wait for whatever. Whatever still your live right now. And you would still be happier right now, if you like yourself in a few eight what he wanted to eat, you know, but telling people that you will never be thin the big big chance big risk. If you wanna look at it that you will never ever be thin. I don't think people can the study is about those study where they asked previously fat people people who had I'm just gonna say temporarily laws. They asked them all would you rather? Which rather be a how was it would you ever again on a millionaire? A something like that and ignore..

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