Mo Heider, African American Advisory Council, SPD discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


Crime has jumped to the last year in Seattle and today the Seattle city council will present the police department's latest crime report. Mo heider talked with Victoria beaches who serves on the African American advisory council to SPD. We need to do a better job promoting our police department. And especially telling people about how we're changing policing. She feels a staffing shortages or a big part of why the city is seeing a jump in crime. We also reached out to the mayor's office about last year's crime report in a statement to coma news, a spokesperson said mayor harrell will not be complacent in efforts to reduce crime and remains committed to a holistic approach that includes hiring more officers to address SPD staffing shortage through the recruitment and retention plan. Meanwhile, in kitsap county, komal force Kelly koopman says they're planning ahead for tonight. Because of this brief cold snap, kids have county is opening its severe weather shelters once again this evening in nearly all cases, they are open from 6 p.m. until 7 a.m.. You'll find them at the village green community center in Kingston. The port Orchard United Methodist Church, the gateway fellowship, west wing building in Paul's bow, and the silverdale United Methodist Church in silverdale. There is backlash over how Seattle approaches drug addicts at a homeless advocacy group is pushing a proposal that puts treatment first over housing. Joel Moreno reports. Wants to spend $47 million to launch recovery housing, which would help a hundred households in its first year. $1.8 billion would be spent over 5 years to help nearly 5400 households. Suarez says there are incremental approaches like tiny hospitals and pilot structures paired with wraparound services that could do the same job for far less money. How many more people are going to die to realize the four year 5 year plan and then it's still got to raise the money, it's unrealistic. The regional homelessness authorities $12 billion spending plan over the next 5 years. That is still under review, but it is expected to be finalized in April. That's Kimmel Forrest Joel Moreno, the cost of doing business on the Amazon website getting higher. Third party retailers now say Amazon is taking a 50% cut of every sale they make details from northwest news radio's corwin hake. They may not like the cost of doing business on the Amazon platform, but many retailers say they accept the arrangement. Part of the cost goes to what Amazon calls PPC, pay per click. This is how you advertise your product on Amazon. This online coach tells potential sellers, it's a form of marketing they need to succeed. This is how you get ranked and without it, I really can't see you succeeding on Amazon. Research for a marketplace plus tells Bloomberg news for the first time last year, Amazon's

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