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You know one of my favorites is. He says absolutely because on racing the street they talk about that. She sits on her daddy's porch. Which is the porch that they talked about And then as i've said many times you know one guy says. Moonlight motel is the sequel thunder road that they spent their whole they go to california. They spend their lives together now then he's morning mary. I love and again you know so many different ways to interpret the rest of discography right after that. Just yeah it's just extraordinary. But i i'm so happy to see this question. Come up because like i say. I'm the kind of person that likes to imagine conversation. So you've given me plenty to think about for probably the rest of my life. So i tweeted this but Brian koppelman the show runner billions and wrote rounders. And you know He was he has a podcast than he said a. We're gonna do and ask. Brian episode of the podcast. So send questions and so. His daughter asked the questions and she read my mary question and and he said that he'd never thought about it and he he thinks the beauty is not knowing loves the idea that we don't know if she gets in the car and he wouldn he thinks the song loses power if we know and i think that is a very interesting thought. And you don't love that. Yeah it's kinda like. There is a reason why bruce chose the anthem music of born in the usa and not the blues version. Life he does on broadway. Yeah the you know he and he is a master sterry storyteller engine no what image she was going through. Yeah absolutely. I think i say in my sat that the beauty of that song is that it just seems to go on and on and on and on right so for me. It's for me. It's maybe not as exact as the beauty is that we don't know it's that the beauty is that the we know that the story will go on get guardless you know what happens so these little nuances right. I mean the little trenches of the way that we think about these stories and the way we think about. These laws sean. This has been amazing..

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