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It's a reaches richest magazine is the design yet he is our creative director and he also takes many of the photographs that appears in their magazine broken how is it working with someone you live with well we actually do not officially lift together of we we might as well because of the time that we spent together simply by working together in the hours that we keep own but we do spend an extraordinary amount of time together and i think the reason that it works is i have a very simple answer to that richard is the most patient chilled laidback i you will ever meet either life so he is mary mary to get along with i can go with intense of and it's just nice because then you have this person that you work with us just so chilledout in relaxed than it balances you out in easy comes goes on the pages yes shoes very against restrained yes is a good week do you have any kind of its site we must do win over how easy it is to create something so refined hits hard i mean we put so much time for it into every single issue of cereal and i think that i'm sure every publisher feels this way you always try to make the your next issue better than the one before whatever that may mean to you right has to be a progression from and for us i think that progression has been refining that's what mean rich always talk about is refining distilling and you look at zero volume wanna you'll get so volume night to be honest for me it's night a day but maybe that's just because i know what goes on behind the scenes it's difficult for me to know what someone that doesn't know what really goes on feels when they see these two different volumes by we have a very.

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