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Two and a half years, and then on it up with Unilever, December on our launching into one hundred twenty nine countries. So people really. Want stuff that is fire, mentally, friendly and cruelty for he hasn't been tested on animals, which you know for a longtime, make ups, and all the beauty supplements have been tried on animals and sustainable practices. People really are buying into that. It's a, it's a real vertical space for, you know. Oh, it's huge. Everybody wants to be free and and the be quite honest like I was quite shocking. I sponsored the Bill in California, which to end animal testing on on cosmetics products and pass. But like what I learned that processes, there's much better attorney testing methods that are out there that actually more accurate. And the fact that companies still tests on animals is quite I. I don't see the reasoning beyond that. There's other ways to do it. I suggest testing on my ex-wife just to see if there's any reaction all those, you know, go ahead. I'm sorry. The first thing I looked at when I picked up the DOD, the first thing that was important to me was the aluminum, yes, because, yeah, heard about that. Use it. I use only aluminum free when I founded this Lumina m- free. It was awesome, and it smells so it's a win win, and the money goes back to Jane. So yeah. How did you get hooked up with Jane? That is actually a very interesting story. So her. Grandson is one of my good friends, and I was at his house one day and Jane happened to becoming over that evening speak. And I listen to her, speak and got the meter, talked her in person, and I've heard about the major things he's done in the past and and doing today. And and I have to like, what is she looking for? Like what is what do you think the biggest hurdle is involving more people and helping have a big a positive impact on the planet. And so it always sat in the back of my mind and then fast forward to December when I was working on my IPO and and we had eleven office from strategic and thirty eight offers from hedge funds. And I was really dead set on the IPO. I actually had a meeting with Unilever and ironically, and I never would have thought that strategic would have well drain would be supportive strategic and so happened to be chained in Paul polman, here's a current global sea of Unilever friends, and you'll. Lever has a lot of sustainable programs. And and when I was calling task about feedbacks, I do deal with lever. They wanna expand it really facet. It would be really good for the brain. We can accelerate and house and I like, you know what, I think this is time that that the we bring Jane and help her charities and our impact around the world. And she had a cool idea sent that she's been working on and and that's kind of where it all clicked. It was kind of a spontaneous little moment where I painted from an IPO to deal with Unilever and Jane. She was a really big part of that fact that she spoke highly Paul and and and you really support a bowl supportive on the natural space and brings cross the world. If you wanna learn more Schmidt. Naturals dot com is the website, Michael. Thank you so much for spending time with us today and taking care of the environment and give it back to the Jane Goodall institute. Thank you for having me.

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