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Dot com you can get your mom freshly dipped strawberries starting nineteen ninety nine plus shipping and handling and look you could double the berries for digital ten bucks cheapskate so get her double the berries this way when you go over and see you can shove half of them in your fat face won't care berries dot com code you have see very important because we don't want some other scum getting credit absolutely going to click on the mike in the parietal mike and put you do it for me a mac we don't get paid a lot of money for this gig and then we're on our way out if we don't start bringing the dollars and that's what dana has said why no mrs what mrs sarah is getting for mother's day due to mrs sarah being my wife yes my mother no she passed berries dot com code code ufc coaching like your six year old daughter doing the school play smile pick up the flower wave at the wizard i'm gonna take a leak what do you think that jimmy let's just do it to get punk helmets no sheri's berries are literally my favorite snack i'm not just saying that because we sponsor over the read is oh i do enjoy them a whole lot yeah yeah they're delicious tasty strawberries so i'm rational lucy berries gonna get that for her then i'm gonna get lucky think so i still a lot of guys after a while they get bored of being with their wife not you not this guy.

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