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This Saturday. So if you're thinking about maybe making a wager on Super Bowl, fifty three better get on a quick for this Kerry. What's the show right after New England beat Kansas City? The opening line on the game. The immediate line on the game was RAMSAR point favorite. Within seventeen minutes. Seventeen minutes of a line opening as the Rams is a point favored New England was a two and a half point favorite in seventeen minutes. You know, it's money has to go down on team to flip the line four points in seventeen minutes. The line is now moved up to three and a half points. And according to the Mirage. Ninety six percent of the money that has been wagered on the Super Bowl based on the point spread is on New England. Ninety six percent of the money wagered on the point spread. Is our New England. And that line is going up up up. Now, here's here's the thing that I really have to take a look at when you look up up of these two teams. A lot can be made about experience. But there has never been a Super Bowl ever. Not even close to compare the Super Bowl of experience of one team versus another team. Tom Brady alone is played in eighth Super Bowls. He has played an eight Super Bowls. And remember this is New England's third straight Super Bowl and therefore Super Bowl in the last five years. But if we just use Brady's eight Super Bowls, right? The entire ram roster combined has played in five C J. C J Anderson is played in to keep to leave. A key to league is played in one Brandin cooks played in one. Yup. And Sam shields with Green Bay. Yeah. That's it. Now, I know you didn't get to a Super Bowl. You came close. Am close. But there there are I'll put it this way. I have covered. Well, technically twenty-six Super Bowls half. Thank god. I won't be going Atlanta this year. Yeah. And I'll I'll tell you. Why? Here. Here's what happens. So you get down to Super Bowl week. And if you never been there before as a player. Yeah. That circus day that has been tempered a little bit. But it's still a circus day. And and that first day is sort of exciting. You know, it's like, hey, you know, we all these people, and it's. Yeah. So that first day is sort of cool because you really get the feel at haywar here at the Super Bowl. Right. But that's not the end of it. The real killer for these players comes on Wednesday and Thursday. That's one they have to show up for mandatory media media gatherings at their team hotel right now, I've attended those for many many many many years if you ever want to get a player that actually is in the game. You can't just sit on radio radio. Rony gonna do your crap. I mean, that's just a waste of time on radio row. You got to get on the buses early in the morning and bus out to the team hotel, and they set up the players, right? And they grudgingly sit there and answer question after question after question, and they have to do two days in a row, so all of this extracurricular stuff's going on. And then you get the game day. Mhm pre-game is extended and a half time is endless super extended. Yep. So all of this is new to a lot of teams, and it will affect somebody, especially if you've ever been through before because there is no experience ever in your career, but they will match a Super Bowl. England. Yeah. You know, I wonder what the records are presumed that are there for the first time is it is like a monumental change. I know it it it doesn't. I mean, there have been teams that haven't had a lot of experience of being teas, but there's never been a Super Bowl close to this. Right. I mean New England again is in their third straight Super Bowl fourth of the last five years, which is just ridiculous. I mean, New England this is the first time ever that New England is played in three straight Super Bowls have to be honest. I was actually I was actively rooting against him just because of them being for being there so often, right? I mean, I actually feel bad about it. Because why why don't we why don't why don't we want to see a dynasty like that something that's probably never going to happen. Again. Why don't we want to see them in it and be successful? And. And have I think the majority of people wanted to see candidacy city win. Kennedy depends. But just because they're plan the patriots. I'll tell you who really wanted to see the cheese and the saints. Take a brokers. This was the worst possible scenario for a Super Bowl matchup. Why? Well, New England they don't sell super Super Bowl tickets. They're they're done with that. Right. And the Rams are on the other side of the country are going to have a ton of people out of LA making the long trip to Atlanta, which by the way, it's going to be cold and wet cold wet and crowded and crowded last place, you want to be meanwhile, you had a perfect scenario. Said's Jeeves Kansas City and saints fans there in the middle of the country Atlanta's right there. Ticket prices for the Super Bowl are the lowest. They've been in years last year. The tickets are going for about six grand each. Yeah. They're down to four grand this year. Really? And it's going to go down from this point on. So there were a lot of people that thought this is the worst possible scenario for a Super Bowl matchup. You know, talking about New England and their dynasty. Yeah. It does. Raise a good question though. New England has done something that has never been done in the history of the NFL in that they have dominated two decades. You know, we have the bears in the forties of brands in the fifties. The Packers and the sixty the Steelers in the seventies. We had the forty Niners in the eighties where the Cowboys in the nineties, right? It is who straight decades now for New England. Yeah. So your perspective. Carey is a former player and as an NFL fan. Has New England's dominance over the last two decades been a plus or minus for the NFL. It's the hunt is one hundred percent in the minds because you sell this league, fills and it actually. Every year. They still this every year it is on entity every year. So I ain't different every every team has a chance every year. Like, you said that that's what they sell. That's what they sell you as as the consumer as outside personnel out the league. Like, you gotta tune in because anybody can win this league. And for the most part that's true for every other every other pro the NFC AFC, you know, the new is going to be there. And I think that's it's it actually it it hurts the game. But also from an individual teams, then point where we'll just talk about New England and the greatness, I think we also need to appreciate that too. Because like I said, we're not going to see that and probably never going to happen again this degree so you can take two different ways. But me personally, I think is the negative. Well. But it's good to have a villain is an end up. It is and the Wayland is definitely a Bill, right? Because Earl still a lot of people that say they have won a single legitimate championship. Yeah. I mean you've been caught cheating twice. So what's this and going back even their early Super Bowl wins? I remember the Carolina Panthers. They still have a lot of questions about what happened in that game. A lot of questions the eagles have questions about their loss. Rams have quest every single team. They played things have happened during the course of the game. Like what happened there? What what exactly are they doing? Right. And then, you know, the they show the before and actors Tom Brady, what's this training regimen. He's got going on right? Who is this guy? Who is this mystery guy bend? Nobody else knows about that. Nobody knows about that. You know, first of all he was not going to travel with the patriots. But now he's back on the team. What's going on here? Yeah. But they are the villain. And I I'm I'm not so sure I think what's going to happen when New England when this is finally over whenever it is five years from now. I mean, if we're sitting here five years from now and forty six year old Tom Brady is still in the Super Bowl. I mean, I don't know what to say about that. But whenever this does in. I think in retrospect, people are going to look back and say, you know, I sort of missed that having that evil empire involved seemingly every single year in the Super Bowl. Very interesting to see what the ratings will be for the Super Bowl again LA. We talked about this entire time. Yeah. The LA market is still not one hundred percent in on the NFL. We don't know get the Rams being there is actually going to change that dynamic even the Rams have admitted. Yeah. That they they were hoping maybe this would you know, sort of move along quicker. But all right. Well, we'll get much more into this. Plus another rule change. I want to get to and Alex Martinez is gonna join us on the other side. But right now, let's find out. What is trending Friday's here. Hombre? Hey, guys, what's going on? Let's go full court press was some college basketball and Duke was tested early. They survey defense register..

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