Hitchcock, Christopher Plummer, Kevin Spacey discussed on Channel 52: The DC Podcast


What about care about i mean i get what you're saying and yeah in that it's like you know it's it's like over hitchcock says we're all murderers every day one hundred times but it is when we when we crossed the line from reality from fantasy to reality that that it becomes a problem so twenty one jump street reference because it seemed appropriate according according to comic book dot com two days ago deadpool acknowledges tj miller's recent scandal in subtle way yet the headline of the yes so apparently that newscasts there was a ticker that says christopher plummer refuses role in deadpool two and christopher plummer is the guy that replaced kevin spacey in all the money in the world when the kevin spacey controversy happens and so of course the the connotation is he was gonna replace tj miller in dead pool as so yeah they they subtly acknowledged he daimler conference controversy that's you know i'm sure from their perspective they've already shot it in the camp they don't have all the millennia world just like to third with the profitable fox france right but they still treat us like the third cousin i'm pretty sure tj miller can probably lay low for a little while and make a comeback whereas kevin spacey's kinda done kevin space yet he touch he made a bad phone call another whole club but scandal right now is when they could you can't come back from certain scandals but you know once you but the rohypnol in the pudding pop is you know.

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