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I Love Him as a Bilo a guy who probably work out of the bullpen in short term. Maybe return to the rotation later. Yeah I think Sanchez Sanchez if if they do put him in the pen which he's been struggling out of the rotation in Toronto but he's still got a good fastball. He's still got a good curve ball if they just kind of move him and specialize in those two pitches. I think he could be really effective. They also got Martinez Maldonado which he has. He's the second time traded this month but they were busy and not only the the minor moves like Sanchez which could be a significant one but Maldonado's more of a depth thing and they brought him in and got rid of Stasi Asi and that's just rearranging the deck chairs but cranky that is a major move and it's one that the other teams just really didn't keep pace with and they entered entered the deadline essentially with two holes <hes> another starting pitcher because after Berliner Collect Wade Majlis been quite good this year but they needed another one and to round out a four-man PLA rotation and they needed some bullpen help especially with Ryan Presley now hurt they could've used some stability at the back end and they accomplished both for those goals they had to needs and they killed them both and I think there are a lot of other teams <hes> at this deadline that were unable to do so so for the Astros Mission Accomplished Gosh all right. You guys have anything else sonus or do you want to move on. I'm ready to move on welby salivating over this rotation. I think for the rest of the season. It's GonNa be fun to watch this guys together so I I'm still salivating over the Trevor Bauer trade which happened last night as we record on Wednesday afternoon Zaki wrote about this just last night three way deal between the Indians the padres and <hes> Cincinnati reds the big game pieces of got moved Bauer goes from Cleveland and Cincinnati Cleveland Choirs Frame Milorad Slogan Allen and a couple of other <hes> prospects and tailored Hermel. The Star of the last two future Bruce Games goes from Cincinnati San Diego so this is a i. I love this trade just because of this is not a pro you know a strict prospects backs for <hes> for established are kind of trading every you know whenever a trade deviates from that I always find it fascinating. This one has just so many moving parts. I said Zach like I said you wrote about this. <hes> what is your obedient take from Cleveland's perspective this fits with something you and I talked about last week. which is the trades we I love our when a team deals from a an area of roster strength to fix an area roster weakness and Cleveland even without power still has shane beaver? Who's been incredible credible this year? They still off Mike Clovinger. They have Corey Kluber coming back from injury soon. They have like Danny Salazar as a wildcard coming back from injury Carlos Carrasco <hes> could come back at some one point this season so the rotation is still a relative strength for them but the outfield was the problem and they add puig bad riots race might not be an outfield there but he can fill fill the designated hetero which was also kinda vacant so that I think stands out to me. Most is what Cleveland was doing here because both Cincinnati and San Diego. No I think they're part of the trade is angling more toward next year and beyond whereas Cleveland almost solidified themselves as a contender a direct threat to the twins in the AL central for the next few months despite dealing. Maybe the best player in the deal yet..

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