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Country club republicans and i like uh groucho marx is statement than any club that would have me as a member i wouldn't want to join so those are some of the topics i want to talk about maybe i should invite you in right away cables scoreboard for yesterday march six where the sneering elf rachel mad cow beat hannity house as possible and he's one of the greatest progenitor of the entire conservative movement as he 90s and intellectual giant why people turning to show off and turning to her or is it that she is so charming i i don't know i don't fly their charming her and alan don't particularly do anything for me i don't quite get it unless all the people who were running away from cnn a turning to harvick if she's more left wing then cnn is if you can believe that and maybe this this is why the pelosi people and the others have decided to turn farleft they think that's where the money is that's where the action is i actually don't know the answer i don't think there are that many new leftists i think they're more motivated than they were when obama was in office and i think that's the answer i don't really think they're running towards her uh as much as they are running away from certain things you know we'll have to see the fact is i think that the quote conservatives in america have gone to sleep i think they don't really care anymore they figured they have a conservative president getting beaten up every day let him take it not them they can go on with their golfing and drinking every night what do they care i don't think there that motivated watched the motivated they run the senate the house and they have the presidency was said to be excited about when no longer the opposition party on the other side of the aisle you understand that so i don't quite know the answer maybe you do i looked up listener comments on maddow beating hannity and i could read them if you wanna red and blue state says hannity is too much alarmist everything is news alert well that's fox's thing that sweeping news alert thing every second year you.

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