Health Insurance, Washington, Barack Obama discussed on Bloomberg Markets


Contained in the discussion drought will repeal the individual mandate throw americans are no longer forced to buy insurance they don't need or can't afford repeal the employer mandate so un american no longer through their hours and take home pay caught employers because of it we agreed on the need to improve the affordability of health insurance and policies contained in the discussion draft will do it will eliminate costly obamacare taxes that are passed on to consumers so we can put downward pressure on prime members expand taxfree health savings accounts and deploy targeted tax credit so we can help defray out of pocket cough and sheer power from washington to the states so they have more flexibility to provide more americans will the god of affordable insurance options they actually war we agree on the new describe lousy insurance market fitter collapsing under obamacare as well and policies contained in the discussion will implement stabilization all the food so we can bring financial certain veto insurance market and whole to americans who faced the possibility of limited or zero options next year under obamacare and ultimately transition away from obama of collapse and i am entirely so more americans will not be hurt we also agree on the need to strengthen medicaid preserve access to care for patients with preexisting conditions and allow children buffet on their parents.

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