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The senate chuck swirling for two seasons energy concision throughout on the base of the spine to the crown of the head for thousands of this ancient wisdom has been can stop the master to sail what are the functions of these energy sentiments and cook these chucked help you unlike were destiny and find your purpose. Welcome to my center chocolate chuck and now your host a giant kumar. Look what's up action action dr a._j. Here host and founder of my seven junkers mice yuccas dot com the show that provides you ancient wisdom for the modern mind and welcome to today's book reads thursday episode during which i read out an excerpt from a book that i think that you should know about this book is called change. Change your schedule change your life by doctors who has sure saga who's been on our show before this on episode three zero title six and as the book title suggests. It's about making smart weeks. Do your schedule never make a huge difference in your energy. Gee your focus your happiness and your longevity and that's what we want right because bad habits like skipping meals squeezing and workouts when it's convenient convenient working late into the night to maximize productivity and then trying to catch up on sleep during the weekend disrupt our natural cycles is a growing body of research on chronobiology reveals. Just how sensitive the human body is these it idioms all the way down to our genetic nick level are clock genes control more than we realize and small changes can make the difference between battling our bodies and effortlessly only managing wit sleep stress inflammation and more in this book. Dr sugar blends insurance. I visited with the latest scientific research to roy d'you the tools and techniques that you need to expedience issued so you excited now before getting into this amazing episode. I wanna let you know that we're working on a special project right now. Just guard the action tribe inner circle which which is going to be.

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