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Roof rake rule with that is any way in other news he just won't go away roy more is headed to court to try to reverse the outcome of alabama's us senate race from last month or earlier this month or flammable lawsuit wednesday evening of montgomery circuit court to stop the state from certifying democrat doug jones as the winner of that race finally occurred about fourteen hours ahead of today's scheduled meeting of a state canvassing board to officially declared jones the winner of the december twelve special election was turning says he believes there were irregularities that of fraud investigation and eventually a new election on wednesday elevator secretary of state john mirul told the associated press but so far his office has found no evidence of fraud i'm elliot francis at fox news is ending the here as the most watch network on cable this marks fox's second consecutive year leading total viewership above cable networks as it averaged two point four billion pride type viewers at what point five billion during the day beatty gowd nickelodeon at msnbc the networks woody seventy come even as prime time hose big a kelley bill o'reilly departed earlier the year nielsen data shows haning the attracts more than three million people leash night making it the highest ridi cable new show of the year i'm sierra crawford in sports formula one world champion lewis hamilton has apologized now for posting of video on social media in which he could be heard yelling at his nephew because his nephew was wearing a princess dress reporters say that uh the remarks heard i heard on this posed could have a negative impact on the sport and on hamilton lewis hamilton as formula one's most marketable star there's no question about that he is the reigning world champion he's now fourtime world champion and he said recently that he's probably got three or four more seasons to go possibly so he could well enhance and add to that tally his net worth reported to be well in excess of two hundred million dollars he has since apologized for the remarks he made to his nephew the gamecocks over limestone on the basketball court seventy four to forty five then clemson is now we new orleans getting ready for the sugar bowl new year's night wtmj news time is six thirty six this is.

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